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Effects on Daily Life - Parking/Road Closures/Public
Public Transport
Car Parks & Campsites
Cycling Legacy
Spectator & Community Hubs
Public Communications
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Questions & Answers
Effect On Daily Life
Andy Bennett
Sheffield City Council
Road Closures
On Street Parking
Emergency and Local Access
Personal Drives
Road Closures
The Route will be closed to non-Race traffic
Anticipated closures have changed, now approximately 11 Hours, but may be subject
to change
Midhopestones to High Bradfield 7:30am – 6:30pm
High Bradfield to A61 Penistone Road (Grenoside) 7:30am – 6:30pm
A61 Penistone Road (Grenoside) to Barrow Road / Meadowhall Road 9am – 7pm
A61 Penistone Road North (Leppings Lane roundabout ) to A61 Penistone Road
(Grenoside) 11am – 7pm
Jenkin Road from Tyler Street to Newman Road 7:30am – 7pm
Meadowhall Road between Meadowhall Way 9am – 7pm
Meadowhall Way to Motorpoint Arena 11am – 7pm
On Street Parking
No parking on the Race route
Intention to keep adjacent roads available for parking, Le Tour
Makers and Stewards will assist
Limited on street parking, particularly from Midhopestones to
Lots of on street parking from Grenoside to the Race finish
Period after the race has passed before the roads are
reopened – Please be patient, if you are near a Spectator Hub
see what’s going on
Advice is: to plan, get there early, be prepared to walk a short
distance, delay your journey home to avoid delays
• Traffic Management Plans
• Broke down into three sections –
o Midhopestones to High Bradfield (18)
o High Bradfield to A61 Penistone Road (Grenoside) (19)
o A61 Penistone Road (Grenoside) to the finish at Motorpoint Arena
• Plans are available to view today – Please come and ask Questions,
raise any issues, highlight any areas of concern
Public Transport
Supertram to operate an enhanced service providing a frequent link to the lower Don
Valley and Meadowhall area.
Tram feeder services from Malin Bridge and Middlewood tram termini to Low
Bradfield and Oughtibridge
c.10,000 parking spaces in the city centre to then use the tram and tram feeder
Northern Rail service to provide additional capacity and some increased frequency on
the Yorkshire and connecting network
35 South Yorkshire bus services affected mainly in Sheffield
Some cross city bus services split in the city centre to reduce impact on the
communities not near the race
Suspension of rural services in Bradfield/Dungworth/Langsett
Early morning services provided before 0730 for Worrall and Grenoside
Early morning services provided before 0900 for Wincobank
Disruption to all bus services north of the city centre with limited to no service
provided after 1300
Bus routes to resume between 1900 and 2000
Journey planner will be updated to allow people to plan – intended to be available
by early June.
Key messages
Use journey planner and other PTE information points to plan your journey
plan for longer journey times
plan for a longer walk to stops in areas around the route
north of Sheffield will have little or no public transport after 1300
After the Caravan the Race route will be swept
The road network adjacent to the route may require cleaning before roads are
Only use Emergency Access Points
Personal Drives
Frontages informed of likely impact and expected closure times
If you have specific access needs for your business, carer visit, etc – Please
let us know
Caravan / Camp Site &
Car Parks
Campsites, Caravan, Car Parks and Events
we are aware of
Grenoside Crematorium – Car Parking overnight and Café
OWMSC – Oughtibridge Camping
The Old Glass House – Rhinegold Garden Centre Camping (TBC)
Green Direction – Stannington Camping
Cotton Star Camping at Windy Bank – Cotton Star Camping
Greenhead Fields Camping – Greenhead Field Campsite
Jaw Bone Hill Camping Stoney Bank Farm – Jaw Bone Hill Camping#
Langsett Cycles – Steel Stage Camping
FGOWI Ltd Events – Steel Stage Camping
The Mercedes Benz/Porsche Garages, Attercliffe Road – Hospitality and
Grandstand (private)
Holiday Inn Royal Victoria – up to 100 Caravan Pitches
Shoulder of Mutton pub at Worrall – Caravan Site (TBC)
Jaywing – Insight, Attercliffe Road – Hospitality (Private)
Send Details
[email protected] so that we
are aware of what you are planning
If you follow our guidelines and register with
us we will promote your services through
Cycling Legacy
Paul Sullivan
Transport Planner– Sheffield City Council
Regional Strategy
More People Cycling More Often
A legacy for everyone
5 key objectives
- Get more people cycling
- Make choosing cycling easier
- More events
- Greater awareness
- Thriving network of cycling businesses and social
Sheffield Legacy Action Plan
Provisional 10 year plan
Cycling Inquiry recommendations
New SCC internal cycling group
- Transport Planning
- Public Health
- Parks and Countryside
- Events
- Activity Sheffield
Year one plan
Try cycling to work
Bike doctor
Maintenance courses
Tour de France theme for 2014
Cycle parking
British Cycling Partnership and
Sky Ride event
Signing the route
Signing the climbs
Sheffield Action Plan
Beyond Year 1
Bike Hire and expansion
Bike Hubs 1 central, 2 satellite
New infrastructure - Green , Utility, links
Sheffield Cycling Festival?
Sheffield Action Plan
Currently 2% cycle to work
4% cycle to work by 2024
10% of all trips to be by bike by 2025
25% of all trips to be by bike by 2050
Any Questions?
Spectator & Community
Gary Clifton
Sheffield City Council
Spectator / Community Hubs
High Bradfield
Coronation Park
Abbeyfield Park
Wincobank Common
Don Valley Bowl
 and Sheffield City Centre
Spectator / Community Hubs
• Purpose of the “Hubs” is to provide strategically placed areas
where people can gather to enjoy the day, watch the race and find
other entertainment in a safe and accessible environment
• Support in the planning of these activities is being sought by SCC
Provide site event infrastructure: screen, toilets, stewards, first
aid, radios
• What we want and expect from site owners, community groups is:
For them to take ownership (cultural commissions)
Aid in planning and delivery
Spectator / Community Hubs
 Further support being sought will include:
Legal, Licensing, Insurance
Documentation production (site plans, event plans, safety
plans etc)
Site Managers – Safety Officers
• This is very much a “work in progress” and will be subject to
mutual agreement and sufficient funding being secured to
ensure it can take place effectively and safely
Joanne Ash
Sheffield City Council
Tour de France
Chance to promote Sheffield regionally and nationally
Opportunities to get involved in major Cultural Festival in Yorkshire
Workshops, activities and events happening across Sheffield in the
run up to the Tour
Chance to promote your own activity
Watch the race – roadside view or spectator hubs!
Tour de France Communications Activity
Tour de France plan and updates
How can we work together – your networks and newsletters
Request for information – working together
Tour de France – 100 days to go
100 days to go – What happened?
• City was dressed in bright yellow flowers
• Fountains in Peace Gardens turned yellow
• Weekend of cultural activities in city centre
• Countdown clock in Winter Garden
• Media coverage in city
Tour de France – Get Involved
Grand Depart Trophy at Sheffield Town Hall – end of April
Yorkshire in Yellow – 31 May
Tour Maker Training – 15 May
Cyclefest – 17 May
TDF route signs put in place – early June
UK Bike Week – w/c 2 June
Doc Fest – 7 – 12 June
Woolly Bike Trail Exhibition – 1st July
Tour de France – Get Involved
• UKTI Business Festival in run up to Tour – 2 July
• Sheffield Festival of Colour, Space and Light – 3 July
• The Tour de France – 6th July!
Tour de France – Information
On street poster campaign around the city centre
Route information and road closures information is online at
Event information is being updated all the time
Email updates on the upcoming activities for you to share with your networks
Resident and Business letters will be distributed mid May
Call centre number live from mid May to respond to enquiries
On going press coverage locally and nationally
Tour de France – Information
From this meeting
• Weekly email updates about activity in run up to the Tour de
• Event announcements including reminders of road closures
• Useful websites and contact numbers
• Pictures for Newsletters
Tour de France – Get involved
• All latest information online at
Please feel free to use this information in your newsletters
• Yorkshire Festival information
• Let us promote your TdF activity via our twitter feeds
[email protected]
Please provide a web link or contact number/ email that we
can post online
Marketing your
Wendy Ulyett
Marketing Sheffield
Social media – people are watching
@letour – 360,402 followers
@letouryorkshire – 33,397 followers
@visitsheffield – 7,900 followers

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