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Secretary Duties and
OPR Training
Secretarial Duties
Whether your club is large or small, the office of
secretary is the backbone to any organization.
As a Key Club International Club Secretary, your position
should include the following:
1. Keep systems and reports up-to-date.
2. Be prompt, organized, and efficient.
3. Taking Roll and Minutes at meetings
4. Handle service hours
5. Assist the club President with any tasks needed
6. Attend Key Club activities (meetings, KCKC, SZR)
7. Most importantly, work with the OPR System
Roll and Minutes
Taking roll at each meeting will help you fill out certain sections
of the Pride Report. Make sure to work with your Treasurer to
ensure that each attendee is a paid member.
----------Minutes are documents that contain a brief description of what
was discussed and done at each meeting. These will help
members/officers catch up on info if they were not present.
Minutes must include:
• Date and time
• People present
• Each topic discussed
• Who spoke and a brief summary of what they said
Hours, Tasks, and Activities
1. One of your responsibilities is to handle club
member’s hours. It is very helpful to keep copies
of these in a folder that is accessible to you and
your members
2. Assist your President with additional tasks is
3. Attend KCKC, Spring Zone Rally, and DCON!
Online Pride Report
System Contents
Access the Florida Key Club
Website at
Then click “OPR
System” to access
the Online Pride
Click the
registration link
This will allow you to submit the Officer
Information Sheet, Pride Reports, and
access the OPR for the year of your office
Select your club from the drop
down, and then press proceed
(or enter, if you’re that kind of
Insert your Advisor’s
Create a password
that you’ll share with
your Advisor,
President, and
Make sure to press
save! If not, you’ll
have to start ALL over
**If you ever forget your password, your Lt.
Governor, Zone Administrator, and District
Secretary can help you out!**
Complete the OIF
(Officer Information Form)
What is the OIF and why should I do
The Officer Information Form is a form that:
1. Helps us contact you
2. It shows that you are executing your duties
3. It allows you to submit Pride Reports, which in turn,
qualifies you for awards
4. Proves you are an officer
Once registered, you should be
redirected to the OIF page
A complete OIF includes all
officer’s and Advisor’s
names, email addresses and
phone numbers.
Save your
information before
pressing “Send
Form Now!”
The Online
Pride Report
This will be referred to as the OPR
system for the rest of your term
Now, you can log
into the OPR! Find
your school name
in the drop-down,
and submit the new
password you
registered with.
You can view
and update
your OIF here.
Make updates to the OIF when officer
contact information changes.
These will be due on the 10th of each month
Again, access the Florida Key
Club Website at
Then click “OPR
System” to access
the Online Pride
Log in by finding
your school name
in the drop-down,
and submit the new
If you ever need to find the OPR training resource click
the link above that says ‘Online Instructions’
To start a Pride
Report, find the
month you are
filing a report for
and click "Start
If you are in the
month of April,
you are a filing a
report for March
In this section, you can view and
update past reports. Updating
reports will not change their
original date of submission
Once you click “start report” you’ll be
redirected to the page above. From
here you can begin and complete the
On the right, you’ll find a
club meeting box.
Be sure “Members in club”
corresponds to the correct
number of dues paid
Meet with your club
Treasurer or Faculty
Advisor to determine how
many members are in the
Above, there is a
comments or questions
If you ever have any
questions about Pride
Reports, you can enter
them here
You can also clarify
certain things. Such as,
why your club didn’t do
service or have a
meeting, and so forth.
On the left of your PR, you will find contact and attendance information.
For attendance, please take note:
1. Clubs will NOT attend KCKC until the Fall. Please choose ‘No’ until your club
attends for the current year.
2. Clubs will NOT attend Spring Zone Rally until the Spring (same as above)
3. When you do attend a DCM, KCKC, or Spring Zone Rally, click "Yes" and note
that the How Many Members Attended question signifies, “How many
members attended this activity?"
Once done, press “Save Changes”
You will not be allowed to fill out the rest of the Pride Report
without saving
After saving, this will appear on the page. To begin
adding projects, click the “Add Projects” button.
You can also add pictures from your projects! Keep in
mind, these should be clear photos that are at a
maximum size of 250KB.
Add a project title, and a
detailed description of what
your club did!
Write in how many paid
members were involved in the
If the activity was 2 hours, and
you had 5 members
participate, write in a total of 10
service hours for your project.
Please note:
Fundraising projects
for your club’s
benefit (i.e.
Fundraising for
DCON) does not
count as service
hours, but should
still be reported
without showing
Once you’ve written in your project,
select the category under which it falls
(if it does fall under a category)
Note: you may select
multiple categories if needed.
If you did a Governor’s Project (current
year's only) please check the
corresponding box and so forth.
If you’re not sure what category your
project falls under, leave blank for now,
complete the report, email the District
Secretary, then update the report.
When done, press “Post to My Report.” This will show you
your completed project, and will allow you to post more
projects as well.
Here’s an example of what your Pride
Report should look like.
To submit your finished report,
press the “Submit Report”
button located at the bottom
of the Pride Report page.
Once you press “Submit Report,” you
should be redirected to this page. This will
confirm that your report was sent to the
Officers and Advisors included in your OIF.
If you receive an “error” message
rather than this confirmation page,
email your Lt. Governor or the District
Secretary to ensure that your Pride
Report was received.
You can add additional
people to receive the
Pride Reports by clicking
“Update E-mail
Submission List” on the
right hand side of the
blue OIF box.
Some good people to
1. Kiwanis Advisor
2. Kiwanis Club
3. Additional officers not
stated on the OIF.
If you ever have any questions, feel free to
email your Lt. Governor, or your District
Secretary at [email protected]
Updated by 2014-2015 District
Secretary Alexandra Sanchez

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