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Joggers, Bikers and Walkers watch out! There are lots
of things to look for as you exercise along a road or
You should always be careful when exercising
on the road, but when visibility is reduced, use
an extra measure of caution. Looking both
ways before crossing an intersection goes
without saying, but when it’s dark you’ll need
to use your other senses to back you up. Leave
the headphones at home and take an extra
moment to look and listen before heading out
into the street.
Wear reflective clothing. If you exercise at
night regularly, invest in a reflective vest or
other item of clothing that will help make you
visible from a distance. If you’re biking, make
sure your bike has reflectors on the front,
wheels, and pedals. Another good idea is to
use a head lamp or flashlight. This will not
only help you see where you’re going, but it
will also let motorists know where you are.
If you can, exercise with a friend. Groups or pairs
of people are easier to see, and there’s truth to the
“strength in numbers” idea. If you run with other
people, you’ll have more ears and eyes watching
out for potential danger, not to mention someone
to get help in the event that someone should get
Follow these simple safety guidelines during your
nightly activities and you’ll be able to enjoy your
evening workouts with greater peace of mind by
doing all you can to keep yourself safe.

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