Floyd Navigating the High Seas of CollaborationII

Letters of Commitment
I need a letter of commitment yesterday…
We aren’t sure of what we will submit, but
wanted to know if you are on board…
No problem, we’ll take care of all the
The teachers will love having paid work all
summer and on weekends and holidays
during the school year…
We’ve made all the plans for you and your
district’s staff and you don’t need to worry
about a thing….
We’ll do our work behind the scenes and the
principals and teachers won’t bother us at
We will let your research contact/IRB know
about the research plans after we find out if
the grant is funded…
We’ll pay the teachers
We need to have the superintendent sign the
sub-recipient agreement today. We begin the
project tomorrow.
By the way, are all the teachers recruited?
We held the training and the teachers said they
haven’t been paid…
Who will produce the monthly, quarterly,
semester and annual reports on data that you
don’t already collect?
 Share
policies and procedures
with partners
 Complete a Decision Matrix with
key information
 Track the status of letters of
 Include key information in every
The lead applicant and partners
Name of the grant competition
Name of the grant proposal, if available
The purpose of the initiative
Specific OCPS commitments
How the initiative aligns with OCPS strategic
planning (why we support the proposal)
Jeannie Floyd, MA, GPC
Acting Director, Grant Services & Data Projects
Orange County Pubic Schools
[email protected]
407-317-3200, Ext. 2325

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