Poe Continued

Red Masque of Death
Read through and highlight
anything you think is
important to the story
Use of descriptive language
 1. How does the suite the party is held in
contribute to the story’s feeling of terror?
Include three details from the story to
support your response.
 2. How does the clock described in lines 71-
79 contribute to the story’s developing
 What does each of the following reveal
about Prince Prospero?
 His response to the crisis in his country
(lines 1-12)
 His plans for the masquerade (lines 86-94)
 His response to the masked figure (lines
 Is a work of art with two levels of meaning.
Characters and objects stand for ideas outside
the work, such as good or evil. An allegory is
often meant to teach a moral lesson, allegories
often feature simple characters and unnamed
settings, somewhat like fairytales.
 Examples- Animal Farm, Wall-E, The Lion,
Witch and the Wardrobe
Poe Vs King
 Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56
Stephen King
 “Danse Macabre” pg 647
 1. How does King’s essay help to explain the
success of suspenseful books and movies of
the twentieth and twenty-first century?
Support your response with examples from
your own reading or film viewing
 2. Why according to King, is a closed door
more frightening than what is actually
behind the door (Lines 12-13)? Explain.
 3. What elements in “The Masque of the
Red Death” illustrate what King means with
his metaphor of a closed forbidden door?
Explain your answer, citing evidence from
Poe’s story.

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