The Wave 102 Promise!

Wave 102 is a local FM radio station for people in the
Dundee and surrounding area playing just great songs
with 24 hour local programming, news and sport.
Why Wave 102?
• Wave 102 is a 100% locally owned business for the people of
Dundee, its surrounding areas and their businesses!
Wave 102 are very proud to be the only station broadcasting local
programming 24 hours a day from the heart of Dundee!
• Wave 102 music policy is to play just great songs aimed at our
core target market 35-55year olds
• Wave 102 customer charter is to listen to, create and deliver the
highest and most professional radio campaigns
• Wave 102 has been the catalyst to find, keep and grow our clients
customers for many years, delivering their marketing needs and
We reach all over Dundee- The city centre right out
to Scone, St Andrews, and up to Forfar!
The Facts
• Currently Wave 102 have approx. 31,000 weekly listeners. 13,000 men and
18,000 women!
• Our Facebook page has 4,896 likes! Every presenter directs our listeners to
our Facebook and our website!
• We currently have over 80 advertisers some of which have been on air for
over 10 years!
• This is due to the high level of service we provide and the results they
• It is not a coincidence that our target audience is 35-55 year olds- this is
the age group who typically hold the purse strings in the household and so
our adverts do not fall on deaf ears, so to say!
The Wave 102 Promise!
Our dedicated account managers treat each business as unique
and individual, this means that we will help you examine and
evaluate your current market needs and together with your
personal input a bespoke campaign will be created with the goal of
finding, keeping and growing your customer base and ultimately
your business!
As a local business Wave 102 understands the
importance of flexibility of product and
maintaining high standards of customer care
and it is our promise to all of our clients that
we will uphold these values as a service provider.
Our current partners!
What our clients have to say about Wave102:
“We’ve been with Wave 102 for 12 months, the benefits are that they are local, flexible
looking after my needs and it works because he ask people when they come into the
shop how they have heard us and they say on the radio!
If it works for a business like ours I’m sure it’ll work for yours”
Stephen Henderson.
“We sponsor the number 1s at 1, we have had a lot of new clients of the back of this
show. Wave 102 liaise with us frequently and help us increase our business at every
I have no hesitation in recommending Wave 102 to anyone! It’s the best value for
money you can get”
Jeff Stewart, The Anchor
“I have been using Wave 102 for a number of years, the commitment to Wave 102 is a
no brainer for us. It brings results, its very personal and prompt service and the
solutions and results and second to none. ”
Chris Allison, I and N Tanning and Photos

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