Rip Van Winkle

 See pages 154-165 for the definitions.
Careful; painstaking; particular
Controlled by conscience
Amanda was conscientious when she was
doing her homework.
Having good-natured, pleasant qualities
Joe is amiable to his football teammates.
Andrea is not placid when someone
backstabs her.
Impassioned; strongly emotional
Kourtney is vehement about her jelly shoes.
To repeat/do again
The students were not listening, so Mrs.
Brown had to reiterate the directions again.
Loyalty; faithfulness
Elizabeth was upset about John’s lack of
Showing strict regard for what one regards as
Mrs. Reiner was scrupulous about wanting
students to be quiet.
Washington Irving’s
 If you were suspended in time
right now and woke up in 2033,
what do you think you would see?
 Write a paragraph or two in your
notebook about what you would
expect; please be detailed. Begin with,
“It’s 2033, and I just woke up…”
Inference— educated guess based on clues in
the text and your own knowledge and
Prediction— educated guess about what will
happen later
Foreshadowing— a clue that suggests what may
happen later
Setting—physical, geographical, and historical
environment in which a story takes place
Take notes as you are reading about the
literary elements we discussed.
For each page, write down at least one
inference, prediction, or example of
foreshadowing. You will be given points for
the thoroughness and complexity of your
reading log. In all, you should have twelve
specific notes.
 Inference
 Prediction
 Foreshadowing
 Stereotyping—
 Inflated diction—
”pompous, high-flown language”
What movies can you think of that have a
nagging wife and a complacent husband?
How are these characters similar to Rip Van
Winkle and his wife?
How does this relate to stereotyping?
Dame and Rip Van Winkle are both examples
of stereotyped characters in our society
How do the nagging wife and disenchanted
husband still fit in our culture today? What
are some examples?
Example: Page 156
Rip is lazy and hates work, but Irving
describes him as having…
“an insuperable aversion to all kinds of
profitable labor”
Sheldon has an overt tendency to
consistently share his opinions in a energized
and rambunctious manner.
Sarah enthusiastically and openly volunteers
her profusion of literary knowledge during
Stasha contemplatively muses in a placid
manner and rarely dispenses her opinions.
Working with your partner, try to write down
three simple phrases that you can “inflate.”
 Brandon isn’t afraid to speak up during class.
 Karissa often offers her thoughts & opinions.
 Tony is very quiet.
Now practice exaggerating those
characteristics so that they mimic Irving’s
style in “Rip Van Winkle.”
A few of you will share these with the class.
Seprate sheet of paper  May do w/ a partner
On page 166, complete questions 1, 3-6, & 8.
1. “Wish fulfillment” = a wish coming true
3. Romantic view = emphasis on emotion, nature,
imagination, etc.
4. Satire = mocking, making fun of something to make
a point
5. Theme = main message
With your partner, create a dialogue of a
conversation that may have occurred
between Rip and his wife.
It should be at least fifteen lines in length and
“get at” an issue that causes the stereotype
of the “nagging wife”/”complacent husband”
to continue to exist today!
Dame Van Winkle: Write an epilogue to this story called
“Dame Van Winkle.” Describe her response to Rip’s
disappearance. Was she also “freed” when he
disappeared? Will you have Dame tell her own story, or
will Diedrich Knickerbocker continue?
Newspaper Article: The world is always changing, often in
amazing and unpredictable ways. Think about the future:
What will the world be like in twenty years? Then, write a
newspaper article that appears twenty years from today.
You article can be a current event, an editorial, or even an
advice column.
Be creative and detailed as you are writing…make sure you
write at least three complete paragraphs for whichever
prompt you choose to do.

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