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School Board
Psychological Services
Program Department
Learning Services
Created November 2011
Program Department Vision
and Mission
BEING - Whole and Holy
BELONGING - in Community
BECOMING - Catholic Graduates
Together, we serve and support Catholic School Communities to
ensure that learning is accessible to all students in a safe,
inclusive and faith-filled environment.
Our Staff
• Hold post-graduate degrees in Psychology.
• Are either registered members of the College of Psychologists
of Ontario as a Psychological Associate or are supervised by a
member of the College.
• Follow the Standards and Ethical Guidelines of the College of
Psychologists of Ontario.
Our Staff
• Work with members of multi-disciplinary Affiliate Teams
including Liaison Teachers, Social Workers and Speech
Language Pathologists to assist schools in addressing the
needs of all students.
• Offer comprehensive assessments for students and
consultation services to teachers, students and families about
the cognitive, academic, behavioural and social/emotional
well-being of students.
• Work closely with classroom teachers to implement
recommendations based on the Psychological Assessments.
Our Staff
• Provide ongoing support to the school-based team about
students’ response to instruction and intervention
• Offer education sessions to teachers and parents on request.
Psychological Assessments
Might include:
• classroom observations
• review of school records
• informal measures and task analysis
• standardized assessment measures
• interviews with parents, students, school personnel and other
agencies as needed.
Psychological Assessments
• Assessment findings are used to develop program
modifications, accommodations and strategies for learning.
• A written Psychological Assessment Report is prepared. The
original Report is stored in a secure and confidential manner
until ten years after the student’s 18th birthday.
• A copy of the Report is placed in the Ontario Student Record
(OSR) and a copy is given to parents.
Psychological Consultations
with Parents
Might include:
• obtaining relevant family background information to assist the
student in school
• helping parents understand their children’s learning,
social/emotional and behavioural needs
• recommending appropriate LDCSB and community resources
and support .
Psychological Consultations with
Might include:
• helping teachers understand their students’ learning,
social/emotional and behavioural needs
• enhancing teacher capacity to use evidenced-based strategies
• conducting behaviour analysis
• developing and implementing behaviour support plans, program
modifications and accommodations
• evaluating the response to instruction and intervention
• facilitating referrals for additional support.
Psychological Services
If you would like more information about Psychological Services,
please contact:
Program Department, Learning Services,

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