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Harlequins Transformation
BTID briefing call
Introduction, purpose of the call & agenda
Working in BTID
Intro to WLMS team - vision & strategy
What does this mean for people moving to BTID
Team structure day 1
Making this a great place to work
Working in BTID
• The BTID organisation is responsible for
the innovation, design, development and
delivery of the processes, networks and
platforms that run BT's business.
• We look forward to welcoming you to
global platforms – the team that manages
BT’s software platforms.
• You will work closely with Wholesale
service design who run the lead-to-cash,
trouble-to-resolve and concept-to-market
programmes for BT Wholesale, along
with many of the major OSS platforms.
Making this a great place to work
WLMS platform – vision & strategy
• Single development shop for all WLMS stacks:
– Responsible for all delivery of WLMS IT capability across the
following functions:
• E2E delivery, E2E design, component design, component test & design &
– Oversight of supplier(s) – thicker layer of BT governance driving right
• Strategic goals:
– Maximise reuse opportunities across contracts
– Exploit synergies with other platforms for efficiency over time –
balance with agility & speed required on contract delivery
– WLMS stack rationalisation down to single shared strategic multi
tenanted instance – shared across CPs with optimised running &
delivery costs
WLMS platform roadmap
[email protected]
Orange (voice)
Delivers savings in
excess of 10m per year
Data Migration
Orange (HQ)
Data Migration
Orange (BB)
Orange (HQ)
T-Mobile (HQ)
Making this a great place to work
Orange (HQ)
T-Mobile (HQ)
Brand C (CSPG?)
What does this mean for people moving to BTID?
What team will MSL staff be Joining?
• The WLMS platform team sits within BTIDs global platforms unit and is responsible for overseeing
the design, development & test for BTs WLMS system stack. These systems underpins the Lead to
Cash (L2C) and Trouble to Resolve (T2R) journeys for several broadband, calls and lines
communication providers
• The team, consisting of 16 BT FTE complemented by a number of contractors; We are
geographically dispersed team - but a focal point currently is St Albans given the current focus on
Harlequins delivery
Why joining together makes sense
• This moves the MSL design, development & test team into BTID, which aligns with BT’s strategic
operating model for this type of work.
• Richard Linstead will move into Jonathan Cupples (WLMS platform) bar two individuals moving to
BT Operate. Tony Thacker will move to report to Ian Turkington – to create a single Design and
architecture team for all of our WLMS platforms
• The team will begin to become more integrated during the course of 12/13 and the MSL team will
start to begin working on WLMS2
• Since the as-is stack is to be decommissioned (following customer migration) the move will ensure
the team are utilised on the to-be stack in a gradual and controlled way, and will remove any
uncertainty for the people within this business unit.
Making this a great place to work
Team structure day 1
Jonathan Cupples
Platform Director
Richard Linstead
Ian Turkington
Head of Engineering
Head of design &
architecture - WLMS
Stu Nixon
Nicola Zaninetti
WLMS1 closure
Delivery Director
Louise Barnes
Eamon Cullen
Peter Callaghan
Nefyn Provis-Evans
Senior Project Manager
Infrastructure design
WLMS1 if life
B2C data migrations
Paul Matthews
Senior Project Manager
Chris Leek
Tony Thacker
DM E2E Designer
Design Team Manager
Joseph O’Malley
Senior Designer
Nigel Wain
Graeme Bye
Darren Clark
Senior Designer
Test Team Manager
Development Team
Paul Durant
Lee Hutchinson
Senior Test Engineer
Bob Flatters
Test Engineer
Guy Killingbeck
Test Engineer
Ian Whiteley
Test Engineer
Jon White
Test Manager
Robert Tomkins
Test Environment Manager
Sukhveer Kaur
Senior Systems Tester
Ian Walton
Principle Support Engineer
Phil Eick
Test Engineer
Sai Ratnakar
Test engineer
Sue Hemsley
Martin Colbert
WLMS E2E Design
Design POD lead
Garry Clarke
Principal Developer
David Bridgewater
Senior Designer
Shona Gibb
CE designer
David Roche
Principal Developer
Louise Elliker
Business Analyst
6 Singularity
Paul Holdsworth
End-to-End Design
Adam Hibbert
Senior Developer
Nigel Spowage
3 Tech M
Dennis Makewita
Senior Billing Support Eng
Siram Gopal
Senior Billing Support Eng
Analyst Programmer
Paul Beaumont
Senior Developer
Richard Elliker
Bharath Kumar
Support Analyst
End-to-End Design
Chris Mellor
Delivery Director
Release 2.x TDM
Phil Stebbing
Kevin Davies
Release 3 TDM
Data Migrations
Julia Hunt
Adrian Sapford
Head of Supplier
Release 1 PMO
Steve Young
Platform PMO
Diagnostic Engineer
Will Redmond
Helen Staddon
Billing design
Peter Lambert
B2B data migrations
TUPE – Transfer of Undertakings (protection of
Employment) Regulation 2006
•Protects employment rights when part of a business (undertaking) transfers
•Scope: must be employed (majority of time) in the part of the business transferring
•Neither new supplier or BT can “cherry pick” staff – positions and employees in those positions
automatically transfer at the date of transfer
•Protection against dismissal if the transfer, or a reason connected with it, is the main reason for the
•Duty to inform and consult with “appropriate employee representatives” of employees who may be
affected by the transfer – BT will consult with CWU
Rights and obligations which transfer
•Continuity of employment
•Existing contractual Terms and Conditions
• Occupational Pensions not currently covered by TUPE but minimum requirements are laid down in
the Pensions Act 2004
Making this a great place to work
Useful Resources
Jonathan Cupples – Platform Director
Julia Hunt – Operation Readiness
HR Contacts
• BTID – Sarah Logan
• BT Employee Relations - Jo Welsh / Claire Shenton
• General TUPE – Martin Cruise
Q & A Mailbox for submissions
• [email protected]
Sharepoint site for Answers
Making this a great place to work

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