Kettleburgh Green Trust

Kettleburgh Green Trust
Report to the Annual Kettleburgh Parish Meeting
7th May 2014
By Caroline Wheeler-Rowe
KGT Fundraising Committee
Kettleburgh Green Trust
Charity No 1110467
Financial year 2013-14
Fundraising and donations
Financial position as at 31/3/13 £3,893.64
Fundraising activities and donations
• Fundraising activity reduced to focus on organisation and resourcing. Slide addition
parked until there are resources to pursue and co-ordinate.
• Very little activity between September and December as Caroline off work with bad
back, however £200 received from BT’s People Awards scheme
• KGT set up on BT’s MyDonate and £500 donation received in November 2013
• January Donations in memory of Derek Hill received totalling £330
• March Race Night postponed and replaced with event at the pub in April (raised £362
for KGT)
• March Breakfast successful, 51 covers, over £100 profit (still holding some stock)
• March - Lottery 65 paid entries for 2014/15 which will net £360
• Money boxes and marmalade sales = 51.93
• Total raised for the year not enough the £2200 needed, however
Darran’s resignation has provided an opportunity to reduce the
maintenance costs in line with the amount that can be raised.
Financial position as at 10/4/14 £4198 (includes April
Race Night)
Kettleburgh Green Trust
Charity No 1110467
2013/14 Other activities
April - Jubilee Tree planted and bench donated by Derek sited
July – benches treated, Trevor Jessop & Deborah Bell leave committee
July – Ball held on the Green organised by Anita Frost.
August - Scheduled August fun day cancelled due to lack of resources. This was
to be the primary fund raiser event for the year
October - Successful (i.e. low cost) Halloween on the Green, Heidi Finbow joins
January – Rotten gatepost reported. Decision made to replace but
sourcing an appropriate post has been tricky
February – Money boxes distributed, so far £41.93 has been banked
February - Home made jam and marmalade goes on sale outside
Willow Cottage. 25% goes to the KGT £10 raised so far
March – Lottery membership down on last year (65 vs 107)
March - KGT registered with
Kettleburgh Green Trust
Charity No 1110467
The future
• Three active trustees will be appointed
who will meet at least twice a year
separately from the fund raising
• Revised constitution
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Active push to recruit committee
• If resources allow (fundraising committee
numbers have reduced):– 2/3 fund raising events per year
– 2 Community events, a summer event and
Halloween on the Green
Kettleburgh Green Trust
Charity No 1110467

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