8. Land Registry System in Northern Ireland_Patricia Montgomery

5,467 square miles – 14,160 square kilometres
220 miles of coastline – 531 kilometres
Six Counties:
Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh,
Londonderry, Tyrone
1.81 million
Land Registry operates three Registers:
 Registry of Deeds – paper based system, no map.
Operational since 1708. No Government Guarantee of
 Land Registry – map based system, operational since
1892. Carries Government Guarantee of Title.
 Statutory Charges Register – map based system,
operational since 1970. Contains details of statutory
charges which affect lands eg Listed Buildings/Tree
Preservation Orders.
 Land Registry is part of Land & Property Services (LPS),
formed as an Agency in 2007 but deagentised in 2013.
The other parts of LPS are:
 Valuation & Mapping (formerly Ordnance Survey
Northern Ireland);
 Revenues & Benefits (dealing with payment of rates
and rate reliefs); and
 Business Services (dealing with Corporate
 We operate under a private Finance Initiative Contract
with British Telecom (BT) – contract for 15 years from
2004 to 2019.
 Contract was to transform Land Registry from a paper
based organisation to an IT based organisation – now
almost all work done electronically.
 Our in-house IT system is Landweb.
 Our Direct Access Customer System is Landweb Direct
– customers can view Folios and Maps on-line but must
request copies of other documents.
 Technical upgrade of Landweb System currently underway:
 E-signatures.
 E-payments.
 E-discharges.
 Review of Land Registration Act (NI) 1970 and Land Registration
Rules (NI) 1994.
 Commencement of two year Positional Improvement Programme to
upgrade Land Registry Maps.
 Accommodation move May/June 2014.
 Digitisation of the Registry of Deeds Archive.

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