GMO Foods

Genetically Modified Organisms
Against GMOs
• The War
One side
1: Independent scientists
2: Environmentalists
3: Small farmers
For GMOs
1: Monsanto
2: Bayer
US and UK governments
What is ignored
• Abnormal proliferation of cells : precursor of
• Horizontal gene transfer into gut bacteria or
human DNA.
• Mortality data on animals who fed from GM
crops is suppressed.
Motive ?
• GM seed companies seek to the money from
trying to control the world’s food supply
• Led by the United States
• International network of ministers, officials,
and some scientists
Initial Enthusiasm to Scientists
Feeding the world
Cleaning the environment
Swapping genes between species
Creating designer organisms to reduce
manufacturing waste
• Producing lifesaving drugs to insect-resistant
FDA 1992
• “The agency is not aware of any information
showing that foods derived by these methods
differ from other foods in any meaningful or
uniform way.”
• This was the basis of claiming no food studies
were necessary.
• The food producer was responsible for
assuring safety.
What was kept secret
• Scientists agreed there were risks
• GM foods might create unpredictable side
• Wanted long term safety studies to guard
against allergies, toxins, new diseases, and
nutritional problems.
• Only a lawsuit made the deception public
UK finally made long term studies in
mid 1990s
• 1998 they discovered potatoes produced a
harmless insecticide caused great damage to
• UK study was cancelled
• Lead scientist was fired
• Research team dismantled
Hidden bad data
• Most research covered under “confidential
business information”
• 2003 – research showed side effects after
feeding in only 10 – 14 days.
Gene damage
• Genes can be mutated, deleted, turned on
and off, hundred might change their
• Inserted genes can become shorter,
fragmented, mixed with other genes, inverted,
and create new unknown proteins our bodies
don’t know how to handle.
Animal Studies Show
• Ingested DNA can get into a fetus
• Transgenes GM crops fed to animals have been
found in the blood, liver, spleen, and kidneys
• Animals feed from GM food had
• Stunted growth
• Impaired immune systems
• Bleeding stomachs
• Abnormal precancerous cell growth
More damage
• Misshapen cells in the liver, pancreas, and
• Altered gene expression
• Liver and kidney lesions
• Partially atrophied livers
• Less developed brains
• Inflamed lung tissue
• Higher offspring mortality
Farmers Reported
• Farmers reported GM corn caused their pigs
and cows to become sterile
• The pigs and cows died
• Buffaloes, chickens, and horses also died from
GM foods
One company example : Monsanto
• Monsanto reported to the US Public Health
Service that their experience was free of
• Lawsuit revealed cover-up.
• Company memos referred to liver disease,
skin problems, and deaths.
• They stopped their own workers from eating
food exposed to their own PCBs.
All about money
• US Navy refused the product because their
study animals all died.
• But they refused to warn the public because
one executive said, company cannot afford to
lose one dollar.
• All about money and control of food supply.
Project Ideas
• GM potatoes damaged rats
• Rats fed GM tomatoes got bleeding stomachs,
some died
• Rats fed Bt corn had many health problems
• Mice fed GM Bt potatoes had intestinal
• Workers exposed to Bt cotton developed
Project Ideas
• Sheep died after grazing in Bt cotton fields
• Inhaled Bt corn pollen may have triggered
disease in humans
• Farmers report pigs and cows became sterile
from GM corn
• Twelve cows in Germany died when fed Bt
• Mice fed Roundup Ready soy got liver
Project Ideas
• Most offspring of rats fed Roundup Ready Soy
died within three weeks
• Soy allergies shot up in the UK, soon after GM
soy was introduced
• Twice the number of chickens died when fed
Liberty Link corn
Animals Avoid GMOs
• Farmer run tests
• Cows and pigs passed up GM corn
• Other animals which instinctually avoid GM
foods are
• Geese, squirrels, elk, deer, raccoons, mice, and
Genetic Roulette
• By Jeffrey M. Smith

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