A Google A Day
If you stacked $20 bills until
you reached $1 million,
would the stack be
higher than the rim of a
basketball hoop?
Things to think about as you get started
How thick are $20 bills? Do you think all bills are the same thickness?
How high is a basketball hoop? Is there a standard height
for basketball hoops?
How to find the answer
Answer YesSearch Use Google
Calculator to divide 1,000,000/20. Find
answer is 50,000. Search [thickness of U.S.
currency]. Find answer is .0043 inches.
Multiply 50,000 x .0043. Find answer is 215
inches. Use Google Converter to convert
215 inches into 17.916 feet. Search [height
of basketball rim]. Find answer is 10 feet.
Conclude answer is yes.
Two Parts of the answer
Consider the right tools
to answer your question.
You need to search for
information, but also to do some
math. You need a calculator
and a search engine. Luckily,
Google search does both!
Break your answer into parts
and decide on your chain.
You can start with searching or
calculating, as long as you set
up your math problem correctly.
Follow-up questions
When and how did the United States get a standard currency, and
what has been the process for making changes since then?
Are bills from most countries about the same size? Can you find
any interesting stories behind the design of the bills from the
country of your choice?
Since Cricket is a really popular sport in India, if you stacked a
hundred dollars in 500 Rupee bills end-to-end the long way, would
they be taller or shorter than a Cricket wicket? How about the
Brazilian Real bill with a Hawksbill Turtle on it. Would bills worth
$1000 US be taller or shorter than a soccer goalpost if stacked
end-to-end the short way?

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