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TianDe Mezoroller:
Beauty no Longer
Requires Sacrifice!
"Rarely, in small doses and right to the
point!" Dr Michel Pistor, founder of the
mesotherapy method
A home alternative to the
professional mesotherapeutic
Cost of the mezoroller <than the
cost of 1 mesotherapy procedure.
Mesotherapy course consists of 6-8
Mezoroller: collagen
induction therapy
• Youth Protein: 40% of human
collagen is located in the skin,
therefore, it is the skin that
first reacts to its lack by the
appearance of wrinkles.
• Mezoroller stimulates
collagen production.
Make your skin young again with a little sleight
of hand!
• The micro-needles are made of medical steel, which is used in the
manufacture of surgical instruments.
• The thickness of the micro-needles is comparable to that of the human
• The length of the micro-needles is 0.2 mm.
Targeted delivery of
cosmetic products
The mezoroller enhances the efficiency of creams
and serums by up to 90%.
Mezoroller will help:
• 1. Get rid of signs of aging: reduce the depth of wrinkles, slow the
appearance of new wrinkles;
• 2. Form a clear face contour, improve skin firmness and elasticity;
• 3. Get rid of scars (acne scars, burns), stretch marks and cellulite;
• 4. Improve the overall condition of the skin: moisturise, narrow
pores, decrease the production of subcutaneous fat;
• 5. Eliminate pigmentation;
• 6. Stimulate the growth of hair on the head.
Using the mezoroller:
Treatment duration - 5-10 minutes.
Treatment frequency - 3-4 times a week.
Step 1. Cleansing the skin.
Step 2. Applying active ingredients.
Step 3. Use of Mezoroller:
Step 4. Reapplying skincare product.
Step 5. Cleaning the mezoroller
Benefits of using
• 1. Wide range of applications.
• 2. Preservation of the integrity of the
• 3. Multi-fold enhancement of efficiency of
used cosmetic products.
• 4. Painless procedure.
• 5. No side effects.
• 6. Substantial savings.
Mezoroller +
Recommended products
NANO CORRECTOR lifting effect.
Correction of facial contour
Restoration of firmness and tightness of the skin
Nutritious Regenerating Facial Night Cream
in the Marine Collagen line.
Intensive Lifting Facial Cream in the Collagen
Active line.
Firming Face and Neck Emulsion in the Collagen
Active line.
NANO CORRECTOR botox effect.
Elimination and prevention of wrinkles
Renewal, rejuvenation of the skin
Stimulation of collagen production
Nourishing regenerating night cream in the Marine
Collagen line.
Rejuvenating Energy Facial Emulsion in the Zhenfei Perfect
Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Facial Care Cream in the Zhenfei
Perfect line
Elimination of pigmentation
Normalization of melanin production
Restoration of skin barrier function
Clarifying Facial Care Cream in the Solution line.
Anti-Cellulite Tahua Cream in the Model Up line.
Elimination of stretch marks on the body
Increased skin firmness and elasticity
Fight against cellulite
Anti-Cellulite Complex in the Model Up line.
Shaping cream for bust firmness in the Model Up
Firming Anti-Cellulite Gel in the Collagen Active
Botox effect against expression
"Crow's Feet"
"Lion's Wrinkles"
«Гусиные лапки»
"Nasolabial Folds"
Botox NANO CORRECTOR effect safe alternative to Botox injections
Active ingredients of the transdermal complex:
Hexapeptide-30 - a safe analogue of botulinum toxin, a muscle relaxant of a
new generation.
Tripeptide-5 - a reparative peptide of dermis matrix, stimulates the
synthesis of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts.
Hyaluronic acid - a super skin moisturiser.
1 molecule of HA attracts up to 1 thousand water molecules!
Visible results within 7 days.
Már 7 nap múlva szemmel látható eredmény!
• 1. Using the applicator tip, apply several drops of mezo-cocktail to your
fingertips and distribute it over the cleansed facial skin.
• 2. Apply a small quantity of microcapsules to the tip of your finger and
• spread over the areas treated with mezo-cocktail with tapping movements.
Mezoroller + NANO
CORRECTOR lifting effect
instead of facelift surgery
Active ingredients of the transdermal complex:
Collagen is a protein of youth.
Hydrolyzed Collagen is a collagen of high availability.
Beta-glucan (plays the same critical role in immunology
that penicillin does in the world of antibiotics) is a skin immune stimulator.
Glycosamine (glycose + amino acids) is a stimulator of collagen production.
Hyaluronic acid is a super skin moisturiser.
1 molecule of HA binds up to 1 thousand water molecules!
Visible results after just 7 days.
Mezoroller is your guide to the country of beauty and youth!

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