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Band Uniforms
Know your Policy
MSBA DN-2-AP(1) Administrative Procedure:
Surplus District Property - Equipment, Books and Materials (Personal Property)
 Must report all surplus items (obsolete or otherwise unneeded items) to building administration.
 Building administration must submit surplus list to superintendent or designee.
 Can the items be used elsewhere within the district? If so, transfer the items to appropriate location.
 List of surplus that cannot be used elsewhere within the district must be submitted to board for approval.
 Sell everything that has been approved by board.
 If it will NOT sell - dispose of items in an environmentally friendly manner.
Know your Policy
MSBA Policies:
Surplus District Property - Equipment, Books and Materials (Personal & Real
DN-AP.1C – Seven-Director Districts Not located Totally or Partially within St. Louis County
relates to section 177.091.1 R.S. Mo
DN-AP.2B – Urban and Metropolitan Districts and Districts located Totally or Partially within St. Louis County
relates to section 177.073.1 R.S. Mo
 Purchasing folks need to know what is available in surplus BEFORE they purchase.
 Assign a District Surplus Contact.
District Surplus Contact Responsibilities
 Review the surplus items from each building.
 Create the list of building surplus and send to entire district.
 Determine if the surplus items that are not needed within the district are truly surplus.
 Create the list of district surplus for board approval.
 Post all items for sale.
 Properly dispose of all items that do not sell.
 Assign a Building Surplus Contact at each building.
Building Surplus Contact Responsibilities
 Create a list with pictures of all surplus in the building.
 Send this list to the District surplus contact.
 Work with other building surplus contacts to get the surplus from your building to the other buildings.
 If too new to sell and no other building needs the items, store in your building for future use.
 Compile all the surplus that will be sold in one central location in the building for the vendor to pick up.
 Contact person for the vendor once they arrive to retrieve the surplus items.
GovDeals is the most common way used to sell surplus items.
 Sell items on an online auction that functions similar to eBay.
 District pays a commission on all successful sales.
 Buyer is responsible for pickup and shipment of items.
GovDeals posting tips
 Pack broken items with other sellable items.
 If you have more than 1 of the same big or expensive item, do NOT pack then all together
for a sale.
 Charge the vendor for any packing they may ask you to do.
 Make sure you have the money BEFORE they take the surplus items.
 Types of payments that are safest:
 U.S. Currency
 Certified Cashiers Check
 Money Order
 Company Check (with Bank Letter guaranteeing funds – mandatory)
 Wipe data off of hard drives – erasing is NOT enough.
 Technology department.
 Make sure to get a certificate from vendor proving that the hard drives have been wiped.
 Check in your area for agencies that will dispose of your technology surplus without any cost to you.
Check with your bus company to see if they will allow a trade-in.
Even busses can be posted on GovDeals.
 RFQ process
 Send out a RFQ to the used textbook buyers.
 Put all books in one central location (either per district or per building).
 Boxing the books is the responsibility of the vendor who wins the bid.
 Buyers get 4 days to view books.
 Notify the awarded bidder the day the bid is due and they can then start the removal process.
 After the bid is awarded, the awarded vendor has 1 week to remove all surplus books from the
 Awarded vendor must remove all books from district. Not allowed to put anything in the districts
dumpsters or recycle bins.
Band Uniforms
Fund Raising Opportunity
 Working with the band uniform vendor, old uniforms can be turned into pillows that can be sold
to help raise money.
 Students can purchase an old uniform.
Vicky Frayne
Purchased Services
Francis Howell School District
[email protected]
Marsha Caldwell
Director of Purchasing
Fort Zumwalt School District
[email protected]
Mary Ann Brann
Purchasing Agent
Pattonville School District
[email protected]
Questions – Contact Information
Kirk Sampson
Director of Business Services
Blue Springs R-IV School District
[email protected]
Dawne Trokey
Accounts Payable/P-Card Coordinator
Meramec Valley R-III School District
[email protected]

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