Identifying Sentence Errors

Identifying Sentence Errors
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An important part of writing is being able to
identify mistakes when making revisions.
Some mistakes are easy to spot in a sentence:
The softball players is going out
for pizza after the game.
Answer: Is should be are. Singular subjects
take singular verbs and plural subjects take
plural verbs.
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Other mistakes are more difficult to identify.
She didn't seem very effected by
her poor grade.
Answer: Effected should be affected. Effect
can be used as a verb meaning 'to cause' or a
noun meaning 'a result'. Affect is a verb
meaning 'to change' or 'to influence.'
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Many standardized tests, including the SAT
writing section, will ask you to
identify sentence errors.
This means knowing:
 Proper grammar and usage
 Word choice
 Idioms
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Let's try some more:
I can't here what you are saying.
Answer: Here should be hear.
Manuel went to the store to return
what he will buy.
Answer: The tenses here conflict. Manuel did
something based on something that hasn't
happened. Change will buy to bought.
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When reading each sentence, keeping a few things
in mind will help you select the correct answer.
Tip #1
Read the entire sentence carefully. Some answers
are obvious, others are not. Tip #2If possible, read
the sentence aloud to yourself to help you identify
the error.
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Tip #3
Some sentences may not have an error. If you can't
find a mistake, this might be why.
Tip #4
There will be no sentences with more than one error.
Good luck!
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The end.
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