Pitch Deck - Robot Launch Pad

Pitch Deck Template
Just your name
and company name/logo
Save the contact info for the end
Slogan or tagline
What’s your business?
What problem do you solve?
Why does it exist?
What advantage do you have?
Why should anyone care?
Keep it short and WOW!
• Don’t be shy.
• Just be brief.
Market Opportunity
Total Available Market
Total Addressable Market
Who are your first customers going to be?
Cite your sources
• What is your product’s name?
• Show us pictures, please!
• Or video, or a demo, but first ask if your
audience wants to see a 2 minute demo now
or at the end.
• (Prerecord your demos without sound, so you
can do the voice over)
Business Model
How will you make money?
What’s your go to market strategy?
How will you reach customers?
What channels or verticals?
What traction do you have?
How will you build momentum?
Strategic Relationships
• You may not have any yet so you can remove
this slide until you do.
• Add logos of companies that you have
relationships with, even just letters of intent.
• This is a must!
• List them or use their logos, but don’t spend
too long on your competition.
• How are you different?
Barriers to Entry
• What is keeping other people out of your
• Defensible IP
• Team
Financial Overview
• Investments to date, including your own
• Simple 5 year projection
• Identify Break-even and Profitability points
Use of Proceeds
• Last chance to show where you’re going and
what you want these funds for!
• You may want to do a timeline, past to future.
• What is your compelling vision?
Capital Request
• How much money are you asking for?
• Just one figure not a range.
Contact Info & Close
Andra Keay
See also Nathan Gold democoach.com

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