Three Times Lucky Power Point

Book report by: Z
 Café
 Mr. Jesse
 Lavender
 Dale’s house
 Piggy Wiggly
 The church
 Fool’s Bridge
 Tupelo Landing, NC
 Mo LoBeau (main)
 Dale (main)
 Mr. Jesse (main/secondary)
 Deputy Marla (main)
 The Colonel (main)
 Miss Lana (main)
 Detective Joe Starr (main)
 Slate (main/secondary)
Three Times Lucky
characters story
The small town of Tupelo Landing wouldn’t be the
same without rising sixth grader Mo LoBeau. Mo was
called the miracle child because she was found floating
in the worst hurricane according to history, but she
calls it being lucky. Ever since, she has been looking for
her upstream mother. The Colonel found Mo in a baby
blanket while crashing into a stop light since then his
memory has been fading. The Colonel and Miss Lana
adopted Mo 11 years ago. Miss Lana has a fascinating
personality. Everyday she wears a wig and runs the
café with a theme, she also can’t drive.
Three Times Lucky story
A murder happened in Winston-Salem and also in
Tupelo Landing. The victim was Mr. Jesse, he was a
crabby old man who didn’t believe in giving tips at the
café. When Deputy Marla and Detective Joe Starr
connected this murder to the one in Winston-Salem the
town was shocked. Mo and Dale are the Desperados
something like an investigator. Later on in the story, Mo
suspects something is up with Deputy Marla because
every time someone speaks of a possible suspect she
Three Times Lucky continued…
One day the Colonel sees a familiar face poking around
Tupelo Landing then he recognizes him, Slate. Slate was
known around town as a “trouble maker.” Wondering why
he was there, the Colonel went back to the café to tell
everyone Slate is back from Winston-Salem. Miss Lacy
Thornton was especially shocked. Mo thought long and
hard about Slate’s past then figured he was the murderer.
Mo and Dale came together everyday to come up with clues
then the worst happened. Mo came home from school one
day and saw the whole house ransacked with a note on the
Three Times Lucky continued….
“Starr you need something. You get something for me, I’ll
get something for you.” Immediately Mo knew what
happened Slate, kidnapped the Colonel and Miss Lana. Mo
took Detective Joe Starr to Slate’s trailer to search for her
family. And right there was Miss. Lana and the Colonel,
arms tied to chairs. The Colonel kept demanding questions
about the two murders and why Slate killed them both.
Detective Joe Starr found out about Deputy Marla being a
suspect because Mo told him about the curious blushing and
the conversation with Slate. Joe put Deputy Marla and Slate
into custody and the town of Tupelo Landing, NC never
heard of them again.
I give this book a 5 out of 5 review.
I would recommend this book for people who love
mystery’s and people who want a role model.

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