UBC Wide Microsoft Campus Agreement presentation

UBC Wide Microsoft Campus Agreement
March 2010
Products covered under MS Campus Agreement
 Windows OS Upgrade
– Note: still requires OEM version of OS (recommend
cheapest versions e.g. Starter/Home editions)
– Mac OS X covered
 Office
– Windows or Mac
 Project
 Visio
 Windows Server Client Access License
Eligibility under Microsoft Campus Agreement
 Costs based on # of FTE’s, not # of computers BUT:
All UBC owned equipment/computers are covered
 Ownership? No black and white answer.
 Generally, a computer is UBC owned if it is
paid for using UBC funds
subject to UBC disposal rules
 If employee gets to keep it, it should not be considered UBC owned
 If computer is owned by another institution (e.g. Health Authorities/Hospitals) but
operated by a UBC employee, it is not UBC owned and is not covered
Obtaining software
 UBC departments can obtain the software from UBC IT Saturn file server. Dept
 Software cannot be given to individual faculty or staff to install at home.
We must maintain control over these keys as they are multi-use.
 Windows KMS server will be preferred method for activation
 Limited Windows MAK key for special circumstances
 UBC owned equipment located at an employee’s home, they must bring in and
IT Staff install it for them
Your own agreement
 If you want products added, you can enter into separate
 Need 300 points to be eligible:
– Products x FTE = total points
– eg: Sharepoint CAL + config mgr CAL = 2 points
2 points X 150 FTE = 300 Points
 We will arrange for Acrodex to contact you to set up the
Preferred Vendor
 Acrodex is the preferred vendor as a result of RFP
 Offered preferred pricing on UBC Wide Campus Agreement,
individual departmental agreements, and the overall Select
 Added to our existing Select agreement as well
 You can use them or continue to use the other 2 vendors:
Softchoice and SHI.
Cost of Software
 No direct charge – cost for UBC-Wide agreement is centrally
covered annually
 Departmental sub-agreements for additional software, billed
separately and directly by the vendor
 Existing Software Assurance contracts will remain in place and
must still be paid until 2012
 Home Use MS Office obtained directly from Microsoft with
unique keys for a small fee ($10 - $40)
Home Use Program
 MS Office only
 Work-at-home license not available for Office (we opt for Home
 Employees are eligible if they have been assigned a UBC
computer at work to do their job
 Can be installed on one computer
 Must be uninstalled when leaving university
 Allows for personal use
 Purchase directly from Microsoft website
Work At Home Program
 MS Windows only
 Employees are eligible if they have been assigned a UBC computer at work to do
their job
 Employees must sign a paper form and the form must be kept track of by the
department (increased overhead)
 Users must purchase a media set - no online site (increased overhead)
 Does NOT allow for personal use
 If user is no longer a UBC employee, Dept IT staff must ensure that Windows is
uninstalled from the user’s personal computer
 Thus will not be offered, recommend providing a UBC computer to employee
 Significantly reduced costs for core MS products
 Legal license compliance for core MS products
 Home Use Program and eLearning benefits
 Gives the latest and some older versions to departments
 All UBC owned computers are covered
 Reduce overhead of purchasing/tracking
 Beginning April 1 departments automatically covered for the
software on any UBC owned computer
 Sys Admins contact [email protected] to get access to
 http://it.ubc.ca/software/msproducts/campusagreement.html
 Contact Sean Lay for questions, sub agreements
([email protected])

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