Overview of Priorities and Activities

Overview of Priorities and Activities:
Shared Services Canada
Presentation to the Information Technology Infrastructure
June 17, 2013
Liseanne Forand, President
Purpose and Outline of the Presentation
• Purpose
 To provide an overview of progress on priorities and activities of Shared Services
Canada (SSC) over the past year
 To highlight upcoming priorities for 2013-14
• Outline
 Context
 Progress on 2012-13 Priorities
Maintaining operations
♦ Launching the renewal of IT infrastructure services
♦ Establishing governance mechanisms and implementing partnerships
♦ Implementing efficient and effective business management processes and services
2013-14 Priorities
The Way Forward – From Planning to Implementation
• Completed SSC’s first full year of operation with its own
appropriations - 2012-13
• First year of operation with SSC procurement authorities
• Published 2nd Report on Plans and Priorities and Integrated
Business Plan for 2013-14
Progress on 2012-13 Priorities – Priority 1
Maintain and improve the delivery
of IT infrastructure services to the
Government of Canada through an
enterprise approach.
• Maintained operations across the IT infrastructure,
supporting 2100 mission-critical systems;
• Established a comprehensive operating model to
promote visibility, accountability and responsiveness;
• Established and implemented an incident management
process to identify, address, track and monitor incidents
that affect the performance of mission-critical systems;
• Developed an initial operational plan with employees to
align business activities and objectives.
Priority 2
Launch the renewal of the
Government of Canada’s IT
• Completed an inventory of existing email systems currently in use
and confirmed future requirements of our partner departments;
• Identify an email solution;
• Develop initial plans to
consolidate data centres and
networks in a whole-ofgovernment approach.
• Established the formal procurement process using innovative and
collaborative approaches;
• New email system is on track to be in place as planned by 2015;
• Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current state of
operations and assets;
• Completed high-level planning to consolidate data centres and
transform networks;
• Engaged extensively with partner departments and the private
sector to identify future business requirements and to learn from
the experience of other organizations that have undertaken similar
Priority 3
Establish governance mechanisms
and implement partnerships to
clarify accountability, and adopt
enterprise approaches for the
management of IT infrastructure
• Implemented a partnership framework that clarifies the
roles and responsibilities assumed by SSC and partner
• Established external advisory committees to advise
SSC on IT infrastructure operations and renewal:
- ITIR and advisory committees
- Quarterly CIO forums
- Bi-weekly CIO roundtables
- Portfolio meetings
- Bilateral meetings with partner departments
Priority 4
Implement efficient and effective
business management processes
and services in support of the SSC
• Established lean and efficient internal services modelled
after leading practices in the public and private sectors;
• Collaborated with other departments to establish our
financial and HR systems;
• Identified procurement and contract consolidation
• Established a Departmental Audit and Evaluation
Committee to provide effective oversight;
• Implemented a workforce management strategy that will
help ensure that employees have the skills to support SSC
priorities into the future;
• Implemented corporate policies to support sound
2013-14 Priorities
Maintain and begin
streamlining IT
infrastructure, standardize
service management to
support transformation
and enhance security
across the Government of
Canada enterprise.
Renew the Government of
Canada’s IT infrastructure
by launching a single email
solution, and by
establishing plans for
consolidation of data
centres and networks.
Engage with partner
departments, through
established governance
mechanisms and other
means, in support of effective
change management and the
achievement of SSC’s
operational and
transformation objectives.
Support horizontal
management within SSC
through the effective and
efficient delivery of a full
range of business
services aligned with
SSC’s business model.
These four priorities will set the parameters for our integrated
business planning model that will lead us to our strategic outcome.
Mandated services are delivered in a consolidated and standardized
manner to support the delivery of Government of Canada
programs and services for Canadians.
2013-14 Priorities (cont’d)
New Responsibilities
• IT and Cyber Security:
Establishing a 24/7 capacity for the GC Computer Incident Response Team transferred
from CSEC
• End User Devices:
Planning and deploying an incremental approach to end user device consolidation
 Assuming responsibility for procurement on behalf of 106 organizations
Transformation Initiatives
Completing the procurement for an enterprise-wide email solution and beginning
 Completing the plans for enterprise-wide data centre services and for network
transformation and begin consolidation and transition activities
 Beginning the establishment of two end state production data centres
 Increasing connectivity and shareability between existing videoconferencing devices
2013-14 Priorities (cont’d)
• Continuing to focus on mission critical systems and work with partners to improve quality of
• Enhancing IT security
• Implementing partnership engagement models developed during 2012-2013
• Continuing to engage external advisory committees and networks to help SSC advise its
partners and to develop effective IT infrastructure services
• Increasing horizontal focus across SSC to deliver on our business lines: email, network and
data centre transformation
• Evolving the procurement function in keeping with plans for IT infrastructure transformation
and continuing to identify consolidation opportunities
The Way Forward: From Planning to Implementation
• In its first full year of operation, SSC has gained invaluable experience supporting 43
partners as a single IT infrastructure enterprise.
• While operational continuity will remain SSC’s first priority in year two, the planning
focus will shift towards consolidation and standardization objectives.
• Our engagement with departments will intensify as SSC launches the new email
solution, and takes on additional responsibilities related to cyber security and end user
• Integrated planning and discussion across government on priorities will help SSC take
partner program requirements and business cycles into account, and support partner
readiness for SSC work that has an impact on them.
• Engagement with industry will remain key as we complete the plans for enterprise-wide
data centre services and for network transformation and begin consolidation and
transition activities.

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