Articles of the Constitution Jigsaw

Articles of the Constitution
Jigsaw Activity
1. You and you group partners will be assigned one or more
articles of the Constitution.
2. You are to read your article and understand and get
comfortable with the information.
3. You are to make no more then two powerpoint slides to
teach your fellow classmates about your article that you
were assigned. (You should use charts, pictures, whatever
to dress your slides up).
4. When you are done you have to be able to answer the
questions that go with your article. You will have to
upload your PP slides to schoology and ready to present
on Monday 9/23.
5. U.S. Constitution
Article 1: The Legislature (Congress)
What are the three basic qualifications if you want to be a
representative of any state? What are the three basic
qualifications to be a senator (see Section 2 and 3)?
After considering colonists’ reaction to British taxes and after
reviewing both the length of the term of a member of the House
of Representatives as well as the way in which they are elected
(see Section 2), explain why all bills to raise revenue (taxes) must
originate in the House of Representatives rather than the Senate.
Summarize how both houses are involved with lawmaking. How
can they restrict the lawmaking power of the President? (see
Section 7).
After reviewing Section 8, explain what powers Congress has over
the nation’s finances AND over its relations with foreign countries.
Then explain how these powers limit the power of the president.
Article 2: The Executive
1. What is the length of a president’s term in office?
What are the three qualifications necessary to be
eligible for the presidency? (see Section 1)
2. What powers does the president (the head of the
executive branch) have over the military and foreign
relations? (see Section 2)
3. List three other important powers or duties of the
president (see Section 2)
4. What are three checks on presidential power that the
Senate has that the House of Representatives does
NOT have? (see Section 2 and also Article 1 Section 3)
Articles 3-7: The Judiciary (Judges), Interstate Relations,
Amendments and Ratification
1. How are Supreme Court justices appointed? (See
Article 2 Section 2 Paragraph 2). Summarize how this
demonstrates the principle of checks and balances.
2. In what way does Congress control the judicial
branch? (see Section 1)
3. Explain how the process of forming new states (see
Article 4 Section 3) and amending the Constitution
(see Article 5) both demonstrate the principle of
4. What are two parts of Article 6 that illustrate how the
national government is supreme to any other level of
government? (see Sections 2-3)

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