Utilizing MS SharePoint for Efficiency and Communications

Overview of the practical application of MS SharePoint for
processing and communication needs of the Texas Tech
University Office of the Registrar
SACRAO Session M2.7
February 4, 2013
10:30 – 11:30 AM
 Historical Perspective:
 Fall 2008 – Banner Conversion
 Registrar’s Office was tasked with dually processing data
in both the OLD system and the new Banner system.
 Decentralized processes were pulled back to the
Registrar’s office for that term.
 Staffing level of 10 people and four student assistants
 Challenges faced:
 Current “standard” responsibilities had to be
Consistency of information entered in both systems
Delivery methods of information (fax, email, handdelivered)
Multiple contacts for status reports (phone, email)
No funds for additional staffing
 Emergency Solution: MS SharePoint
 One-stop collection of data processing
Utilizing MS
SharePoint for
Efficiency and
 Allowed for better management of
“For every
personnel resources
 Immediate status updates available to
 Tracking of information for corrections
mountain, there is a
 Record Auditing
 Emergency auditing of converted data to
assist with record accuracy
 Additional tools
 Mailing labels
 Quick general communication to
prescribed groups.
-Robert H. Schuller
“When faced with a
challenge, look for a
way, not a way out.”
-David Weatherford
Fall 2008 by the numbers
(Sept 1, 2008 – April 15, 2009)
 More than 19,000
mass requests and
data conversion
 More than 30,000
campus community
requests for
 Almost 1000 hours
of overtime
 Negatives:
 Campus resistance
 Security maintenance
 Lack of organization
 Not every process available
 No resource information
 SharePoint “guru” left office
 Registrar SharePoint “ReMix”, Summer 2011 – Spring
Analyzed missing request types
Surveyed key influencers on needs/wish-list items
Tapped into other campus resources
Conducted security audit
Separated and addressed internal needs vs external
 Created greater resource tools: announcements,
calendars, document libraries
 Created separate tool for all faculty and staff to report
Grading and Registration issues
Utilizing MS
SharePoint for
Efficiency and
“I don’t want the
problems solved for
me. I want the
fishing rod, not the
“Sometimes, instead
of climbing over the
barricades, you’ve got
to walk around
 Implemented for Spring 2012:
 Built processes specific to Athletic Certification and
communication needs.
 Created separate tool for all faculty and staff to report
Grading and Registration issues
Registrar SharePoint
Issues SharePoint
 Coordinate current student
 Resource documents
processing requests from
 Coordinate incoming
student needs with
Admissions offices
 Coordinate technical
assistance with IT
 Provide internal resources
for staff
 Announcement
 Specific Issue Reports
and workflows
 MS SharePoint 2010 - Where are we
 Greater opportunity for complete, paper
less workflows
More flexibility with communication
More attention to ease-of-use for campus
customer base
Greater attention to communication
workflows to handle standard “issues”
Identifying additional “tie-in”
opportunities with other campus offices
Utilizing MS
SharePoint for
Efficiency and
Focusing use on:
• Cleaner, brighter, friendlier presence
• Greater attention to appearance and design of data
• Separation of information/communication functions and processing functions
Bobbie Brown
[email protected]
November 6, 2012

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