What to Expect in 3rd Grade Ms. Urban & Ms. Reyes (3-305)

What to Expect in 3rd Grade
Ms. Urban & Ms. Reyes
Tonight’s Topics:
Future Topics:
O Social growth and
O Curriculum outlines
O Shifts in academic
O Purposes of homework
O New and special
programs for third
O Individual teacher
routines for the
O Standardized testing
O Looking at grade
level work
Independence in 3rd Grade!
When second graders go to third grade, they need to become more
independent. This year we will spend time talking about what
independence really means and what it looks like. As students
students transition from the “lower” to the “upper” grades, they will be
expected to hold more responsibility.
O Responsibility in…
• Relationships
Speaking and listening to others in our class, school, and greater
community with patience and respect
Taking responsibility for one’s actions as a way to earn trust and gain
• Organization
Completing work on time
Coming to lessons prepared
Keeping notebooks and folders neat and organized
Prioritizing schoolwork responsibilities alongside our out of school
commitments (time management)
• Academics (taking responsibility for your own learning)
Actively participating in lessons
Thinking about what was taught and applying that to the task with
available support tools, before asking for help
Starting work quickly and remaining on task
3rd Grade Expectations
We know incoming third graders will need reminders about classroom and
academic routines, but we also know that students will bring everything
they know about being a strong student with them. Students will be
expected to practice strategies to transition quickly and independently
between subjects.
Students are expected to:
O Be prepared for each subject area
O Learn routines for copying their own
homework and getting ready for the day as
well as packing up with independence
O Learn TIME MANAGEMENT skills through
planning for classwork, as well as homework
and independent projects
3rd Grade Homework Purposes:
o Practicing a skill or strategy learned at school
Examples: Math assignments, independent reading, reading responses
and writing work
o Previewing or preparing information and assignments for
instruction the next day
Examples: Reading informational articles and stories, note taking, and
homework from the writing workshop
o Communicating with parents about what work is being done
at school, and how your child understands this work
Looking at your child’s assignments, and noticing how prepared he or
she is to complete assignments is a great way to informally assess how
well your child is doing in school
o Developing strong work and organization habits
This is especially relevant in third grade as students prepare for an
increased workload in the upper grades and learn to balance homework
assignments, projects, and afterschool activities
Special Programs for 3rd Grade
O New York Philharmonic
This is the first year students will participate in the NY
Philharmonic program. Students will be introduced to the
recorder and learn to play simple melodies. By the end of the
year they will compose their own pieces. A teaching artists
from the NY Philharmonic will instruct classes regularly.
O Poetry Outreach
The Poetry Outreach program is run by City College. Each
class will have 6 teaching sessions with Mardi Jaskot. At the
end of these sessions, the children’s poetry will be submitted
and have the potential to be published and presented at City
College in May.
You may contact me with further questions
about any topics presented tonight at
[email protected]

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