Personnel - Fayetteville State University

Dr. Leontye L. Lewis, Dean
Ms. Maxine McFayden, Administrative Support Associate
Note: Purple- new employees
Green-Second year employee
Dr. Noran Moffett, Associate Dean
Mrs. Dorothy Cannon-Brown, Staff
Ms. Christy Thomas
Office of Research Initiative
Dr. Linda Wilson-Jones
Dept. of Elementary Education
Dr. Manarino-Leggett – Interim
Mrs. Coneasha Thomas – Staff
Ms. Dianna Wesley – Staff (50%)
Dr. Beverlyn Cain
Dr. Beatrice Carroll
Ms. Jocelyn Smith-Gray
Dr. Tonya Hudson
Dr. Marilyn Lanier
Dr. Brian Phillips
Dr. Earlyn Jordon (A)
Mrs. Gloria Peuster (A)
Curriculum Learning
Resource Center
Ms. Tammiika Frowner
Dept. of Middle Grades, Secondary,
Specialized Subjects (MSSS)
Dr. K. Smith-Burton –Chair
Mrs. Debra Brown – Staff
Mrs. Evena Bowden – Staff
Dr. Charlotte Boger (Asst. Chair)
Dr. Vikki Armstrong
Dr. Catherine Barrett
Dr. Charletta Barringer-Brown
Dr. Virginia Dickens
Dr. Marlina Duncan
Dr. Peter Eley
Dr. Shelton Ford
Dr. Peggy Green
Mr. Robert Henderson
Ms. Chandrika Johnson
Mrs. Reeshemah Johnson
Mr. Tyrone Jones
Mr. Alphonza Kee
Ms. Portia Kershaw
Dr. Cathy Kosterman
Dr. Nosa Obanor
Dr. LaDelle Olion
Mrs. Eva Patterson-Heath
Dr. Cynthia Shamberger
Mr. Antonio Wallace
Dr. Gerold Jarmon (A)
Ms. Shirley Johnson (A)
Ms. Christina Lockamy (A)
Ms. Sarah Gray (A)
Ms. Tiffany Huggins-White (A)
Mr. Tim Heath (A)
Ms. Carol Hairston (A)
Dept. of Educational Leadership
Early Childhood Learning Center
Wells Fargo
Endowed Professor
Office of Teacher Education
& Licensure
Dr. Miriam Chitiga- Interim Chair
Mrs. Mable Hawkins – Staff
Mrs. Dianna Wesley – Staff
Director Mrs. Gloria Moore-Carter
Ms. E. Elliott – Staff
Dr. Gail Thompson
Ms. Dianna WesleyStaff (50%)
Mrs. Jenny Washington,
Mrs. Kathleen Marsh - Staff
Dr. Theodore Kaniuka (Asst. Chair)
Dr. Tawannah Allen
Dr. Christina Amsterdam
Dr. Paris Jones
Dr. Jerry Jones
Dr. Mary Ombonga
Dr. Linda Wilson-Jones
Ms. Joyce Hollingsworth
Ms. Angela Hollingsworth
Ms. Denise Howard
Ms. Lou Housey
Ms. Jacqueline Perez
Ms. Angela Ellison
Ms. Michelle Moore
Ms. Zelma Mohammed
Ms. Angela White
Ms. Tiffany Steele
Ms. Diane Harris
Ms. Maggie Donner
Ms. Jade Glidden
Ms. Roscelyn Clements
School of Education Academic Advisement &
Recruitment , and Retention Center
Dr. Shari Herring, Director
Ms. Beverly Lammie
Ms. Suneeta Shannon
Ms. LaQuanda Jones
Instructional Technology Laboratory
Mr. Lester McGuire
Office of Data and
Mr. Jesse Baker

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