The Politics of Protest [week 8]

The Politics of Protest [week 8]
Moment of Madness?
May-June 1968
Key individuals who defined the era
Civil rights in 1968
-South Carolina State massacre
- Columbia University protests
- Berkeley demonstration
Vietnam protests in 1968
-The Tet Offensive
- support for anti-Vietnam drive in
West Germany
- victories for Eugene McCarthy and
Robert Kennedy
- Lyndon Johnson ‘abdicates’
Students in 1968
-Battle of Valle Giulia, Rome
- shutdown of university system
- marches in Warsaw
- Paris Demonstrations
When you clashed with the
policemen at Valle Giulia, I
sympathised for them. Because
policemen are children of the poor.
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Popular protest in 1968
-May Day demonstrations
- Prague protests
- General Strike in France
- troop alert in Paris
The Prague Spring
-Need for self-determination
- Power struggle within Czech
Communist Party
- Dubcek’s Action Programme
The State Strikes Back
-Prague protests crushed
- Conservative victories in UK and US
- The many faces of de Gaulle
It’s a moment I shall never forget. Suddenly,
spontaneously, barricades were being thrown up
in the streets. People were piling up the
cobblestones because they wanted, many for the
first time, to throw themselves into a collective,
spontaneous activity. People were releasing all
their repressed feelings, expressing them in a
festive spirit. Thousands felt the need to
communicate with each other, to love one
another. That night has made me forever
optimistic about history. Having lived through it, I
can’t ever say, ‘It will never happen’.
Daniel Cohn-Bendit
That’s all,

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