Tom Jackson and Ashley Herald MS-ESS3

Tom Jackson and Ashley Herald
We had to get students to ask questions as to what causes global warming
Title: Causes of Rise in the Global Temperatures
Lesson Overview:
After completion of the lesson students will be able to:
-Analyze data
-Make comparisons
-Create a presentation on their findings and present to their peers
-Ask questions
Materials Needed:
-Computer/internet access
-Writing supplies
Phase One : Engage the Learnerr
The website that will be used will help students think deeper and
Capture the interest of the students. It will allow for students to make
Students will make their own predictions on their worksheets as to
how much CO2 is produced during the duration of the lesson. Then
we will ask students to write down any questions they have to the
world clock.
Phase Two: Explore the Concept
Next, students will be able to research one of the five questions to
help with the independent research process. Not only does this
allow the students to be independent, but allows the students to
actively get the hands on experience with technology.
This research will be guided with the rubric provided as well as a list
of websites related to the topics.
Students will be divided into five groups and will research their topic.
They will have to present it on a poster in front of their peers.
Students will be encouraged to be creative during this process
Phase Three: Explain the Concept
and Define the Terms
Students will explain their own findings in a presentation, in which we
thought 5 minutes was timely enough. Students not in the presenting
group would be given the opportunity to ask clarifying questions, in
which might not all be able to be answered. This leave the opening
for guidance for future lessons.
When all groups have finished their presentations, we will gather
some of the unanswered questions and research them together.
Phase Four: Elaborate on the
During this activity students will have to compare and contrast three
maps. Groups will be necessary and collaboration will be needed to
analyze and come to a conclusion.
Students will be divided into groups and given the maps on
population density, global temperature and global CO2 emissions.
They will have to complete the worksheet and we will discuss the
findings as a whole. The end product of this would be for the
students to find out that population only plays a localized role, while
CO2 emission causes the global effect on the warming of the Earth.
It will help them realize that our CO2 emissions effect not only our
climate, but other countries effect our climate as well.
Phase Five: Evaluate students’
Understanding of the Concept
Students will be evaluated in several ways at the end and also
during the lesson to verify the understanding. This allows for students
to be guided through their research and be able to develop a more
analytical approach to their data.
Rubric: Students will have a rubric to follow for their presentation
Group Evaluation: Students will also have the opportunity to
evaluate their peers based upon their contributions to the
presentation and research
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