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Capstone Project – January
NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
Who is NetApp?
 $6B, Fortune 500 storage and data
management company.
 Founded in 1992.
 12,000 employees, 150+ worldwide offices,
HQ: Sunnyvale, CA, Pittsburgh: 275.
 Customers include energy, pharmaceutical,
sports, entertainment, technology, cloud and
many more.
 96% of Fortune 100 companies are
customers of NetApp.
NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
The Project – Part 1
 “Data Mining and Consolidation”
 This tool will increase efficiency of human log file
review to gather information from the system.
 Will use NetApp’s Data ONTAP simulator running on
 Input: Data from various log files.
 List of log files to be processed: Apache, bcomd,
command-history, debug, fpolicy, hashd, jm-restart,
memsnap, messages, mgwd, ndmpd, notifyd, secd,
servprocd, sktlogd, spdebug, spmd, vifmgr and vldb.
 Processing: Pattern matching, learning algorithm.
 Output: Interactive, hierarchical view of consolidated
NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
Requirements – Part 1
 The process to gather data shall run on-demand triggered by an
option in the tool.
 The interface shall run in a browser.
 The tool must have the capability to save point-in-time results.
 The tool must create a DATA ONTAP log dictionary.
 The tool must have section for top results like “Top Keywords”,
“Top Log Messages”, etc.
 The tool must be able to correlate messages across different log
files based on timestamp.
 The tool must present results dynamically based on the time
window selected.
 The project must include automated testing and analysis of code
NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
Project Deliverables – Part 1
 Plan
Functional specification
Design specification
Test plan including automated tests
Plan for measuring code coverage for automated tests
 Weekly Updates
Working demo after first couple of weeks
Q & A session
 Deliverables
Project kick-off presentation (2 to 4 weeks into the project)
Pre-final presentation (week or 2 before final presentation… to be used to
coach final presentation.)
Final presentation and proposal (finals weeks)
NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
The Project – Part 2
 “Bring Down the Box”
 The goal of this part of the project is to write a script
that will render NetApp’s Data ONTAP simulator
 Upon successful completion your script will be
presented to our QA department for reproduction in
the QA environment and filing of defects to be fixed in
our code.
 Input: None
 Output: Script that, when run, will affect operation of
our simulator such that it cannot be used until the box
is restarted.
NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
Mentor / Mentee Interaction
 Mentors on campus for initial presentation to
 Mentor / mentee 1 hour meeting weekly. At
least 1 person from the NetApp mentor team
(typicaly project manager) will try to be on
campus and will conference the rest of the
team in. Webex to be used as well.
 Email and Instant messenger communication
can be used between scheduled meetings.
 Project manager from NetApp also available
by telephone.
 Mentors on campus for final presentation.
NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only
NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only

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