The ways in which elected representatives act on behalf of

The ways in which elected
representatives act on behalf of
their constituents.
Tori & Melissa
MSP Derek Mackay in
Constituency. Fact Finding Mission.
Derek Mackay is member of the
Scottish National Party and
represents the Renfrewshire
North & West constituency. He
quotes “the qualities of an MSP
is that they need an ability to
listen and communicate, also
positivity and honesty if they
would like to be a successful
They are not as common for
MSP’s as he says “80-90% of
the time it’s through
technology however when
they do hold the surgeries
they may discuss the health
of the local hospital and
may express a concern.
Our local MSP may go
to a neighbouring
school to talk to the
teachers about the
curriculum of
Liasing with MP’s and
excellence and see if
they are concerned or
An example some may go to
feel under pressure.
Derek Mackay about council
housing this is not an issue that
he usually deals with so he
confides with the councillor of
his constituency so they can
discuss with the housing
department to resolve the
certain issue.
MSP in Parliament.
MSP’s represent their constituents
in Parliament in many ways
such as voting, debates,
It’s one of the main ways to represent
committee work and first
their constituents . In the Scottish
ministers question time.
Parliament you press and yes or no
button on a desk to which discussion or
They will debate issues
debate you agree with for example
of concern to their
when Derek voted yes to, Parliament
constituents for
should have the necessary job creating
example, Hospital
powers at its disposal to maximise
Closures or prosed new
opportunities for Scotland’s young
road or crime levels.
This also concludes that
this is another way to
represent their
Committee Work
Various committees between 5 and 15
MSP’s conduct inquiries into matters of
public concern. Such as the Finance
Committee. For example Derek Mackay
works in the finance committee, this is a
way for people to get involved in different
groups and share their ideas.
MP Iain McKenzie in Constituency.
Iain McKenzie is the newest MP in
Westminster. He is part of the Scottish,
sport leisure, cultural and European
committees. He represents Inverclyde
and supports the Labour party.
In surgeries they get many issues one of
them being immigration, people don’t
have a passport and their time is over so
he tries to assist them. Also some
discussions involve benefits they may
have been issued the wrong benefits or
none at all.
Fact finding mission
Iain most recently went to the B&Q
headquarters to discuss and try to
see if they would invest in
Inverclyde and set up there, There
was only a certain amount of jobs
available so this would be a great
advantage for Inverclyde.
MP in Parliament
Mps represent people in
Westminster in a variety of
ways. For example question
time, debates, committee
work and the 10 minute
Issues concerning the country at
large will be discussed or
debated at length. MPs’ can
contribute to such debates,
particularly if they are of direct
concern to their constituency.
Committee Work
MPs can sit on a Select
Committee which closely
examines the work of a
government Department.
Group of 15-16 MSPs’ for
example ‘ In Scottish
Parliament education and
health committees.
Question Time
Issues or concerns
which have been
brought to the
attention of MPs and
for which the
government has
responsibility and
can be raised with
the relevant
To Conclude,
Both MSPs and MPs do many things to help
their constituencies they work long hours to
ensure that their constituency Is becoming a
better place for the people living their and
representing them in a positive way as much
as possible.

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