Quarter: 1 Current Event Presentation of Great - EAmagnet-alg

By: Shweta Gyasi
He was….
one of an India’s greatest mathematicians
He does not have the university education
self-taught mathematician.
born on 22nd December, 1887 in Erode (a
small village in Madras), Tamil Nadu State,
Died on 26th April, 1920 in Kumbakonam,
Tamil Nadu State, India.
He worked on…
elliptic functions : f(z) and f(w + z) is same
Continued fraction:
Infinite series.
Ramanujan entered the Town High School in
In 1906 he entered Pachaiyappa's College of
Madras and his aimed was to pass the First Art
Examination to study in the university of Madras.
He was really good in math so when he took his
exam, he passed in math but failed in other
Also, because of his illness he failed it.
So he couldn’t able to enter the university of
But he continued developing math skills, the new ideas of math w/out
any help other than Carr’s book.
 In 1900, he worked on his own math summing geometric and arithmetic
 He solved cubic equations. (1902)
 ax3 + bx2 + cx + d = 0
 He went on finding his own method of solving quartic equation.
 ax4 + bx3 + cx2 + dx + e = 0
 He failed to solve a quintic equation.
 ax5 + bx4 + cx3 + dx2 + ex + f = 0
 He also investigated the series ∑(1/n) and calculated constant into 15
decimal places.
 He began to study the Bernoulli #s (it was his own independent discovery
 (Bernoulli equation) x/(ex - 1) = (Bnxn)/n
 He also worked on hyper geometric series.
And the solution of this equation is:
He also, Investigated the relation between series and integrals.
Despite many brilliant results, some of his theorems on prime #s were
completely wrong.
Ramanujan and Hardy had lot of conversations by letters
about the qualification/scholarship of university. (certificate
of university education).
First he wrote:
I have…….mathematicians as 'startling'.
Hardy wrote him back that he had interest in his(Ramanujan)
work so he wrote him a sympathetic letter so he could get a
Finally, he got the scholarship of Madras university.
And also Hardy brought him to Trinity College, Cambridge, to
begin an extraordinary collaboration.
Finally, he graduated from Cambridge with a Bachelor of
Science (PH.D).
His Bernoulli paper was published in the Journal
of the Indian Mathematical Society.
After that he recognized for his work in the
Madras area.
Afterwards, he was honored in the Royal society
for his work.
He’s dissertation was on Highly composite
numbers and seven (7) of his papers were
published in England.
Most of the his work was published after his
death as he left researched papers and
notebooks (of his work). And that’s how he is
Ramanujan was born in his grandmother’s
house and in Dec, 1889 he got smallpox.
Ramanujan used to be very ill. He used to got
sick again and again. He had some problem
with his diet.
He ran away from his house to the town of
Vizagapatam for math.
He married 10-yr-old girl, S Janaki Ammal,
his mother arranged for him. He did not live
with her until she was 12-yr-old.
Harish-Chandra (1923-1983)
Harish-Chandra was also born in India. His birth
place is Kanpur.
John Henry Constantine whitehead (1904-1960)
and Sathamangalam Ranga Lyengar Srinivasa
Varadhan (1940) was born in Madras, India.

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