I-9 and E

Employment Eligibility Verification Regulation
• Regulation 05.55.09, issued May 26, 2009
• “4. Authorized Representatives
– Only individuals who have completed appropriate I-9
and E-Verify training, and who have been endorsed
by HR's International Employment office, may review
documents, complete Section 2 of the I-9 form, and
conduct E-Verify verifications on behalf of NC State.”
• Next I-9/E-Verify class:
– September 24, 9 am-12 pm, Admin II, Room 212
E-Verify Updates
• DHS TNC: tell employee to email Pennie Graham or Jill
Guzman for an appointment, do not click anything else
• Updated E-Verify system (as of June 13, 2010):
– Requires explanation of why E-Verify was not done within 3
days of the hire date. Choices are:
Awaiting Social Security Number
Technical Problems
Audit Revealed the New Hire Was Not Run
Federal Contractor
Other (requires a text explanation) – do NOT use!
– If in doubt, contact Jill before answering, as DHS can use the
answer to decide to audit/penalize us for noncompliance
When do I need to do a new I-9 form?
• 120 day (4 month) rule is no longer in effect
• Instead, look in HR system
– If system says “Completed and E-Verified” or “N/A –
no work obligation” then no new I-9 is needed
– If system says “I-9 Purged” or is blank, you do need a
new I-9 for that employee
• New system is still a work in progress
– Unavoidable lag time between a dept. completing the
form, routing it through the college (if required) and
then arriving at HR for review and system updating
HR System: Workforce Administration/Personal
Information/Modify a Person/Biographical Details tab

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