DocuSign for Google Enterprise Applications

DocuSign for Google
Enterprise Applications
• The DocuSign for Google Enterprise Applications enables new
or existing DocuSign users to send, manage, and administer
from within their Google Domain.
• Existing Google Enterprise Application users will be able to
create a new, free DocuSign Account or link their existing
DocuSign account to their Google Domain.
• The integration allows users to:
• Access to DocuSign via the universal toolbar
• Pull attachments from email via the contextual gadget into
DocuSign to send for signature
• Access to Google contacts while sending
• Only the Google Domain Administrator may create a new
DocuSign account for their domain to use.
• If the domain already has a DocuSign account, the
Administrator of both the domain and the DocuSign account
must associate the two.
• The Administrator is the only user that can upgrade and
manage the integration.
• All users that live under the domain will be auto provisioned an
account with DocuSign when they use any of the DocuSign
Integration features
• Users will have access to all of the same features as the
• You can limit user access to DocuSign by creating suborganizations
 How to create an organization:
-> Click on "To turn Google Services On or Off for some users:"
• Send with DocuSign Button in Gmail
• Pulls documents and recipients from the email into a DocuSign
• DocuSign in the Universal header bar
• Access to DocuSign via Single Sign on throughout your Google
• Access to Google contacts while sending a envelope
• DocuSign pulls your Google Contacts from your domain and presents
them while sending a DocuSign envelope.
• Access to Google documents while sending an envelope
• DocuSign automatically links your Google documents to your
DocuSign account giving you access while sending a DocuSign
In your vendor
profile, shop for
DocuSign via the
Go to Google Apps
Marketplace link.
DocuSign Listing
To add the
click Add it
Click through
and grant
data access.
Post - Installation
After successfully installing the DocuSign integration, DocuSign will be available in
your Dashboard.
Access the DocuSign Integration settings via the blue link
DocuSign Settings
Additional setup
Additional configuration
Both links will take the user to
the Configuration screen.
Contextual Gadget – Send with DocuSign Button
The Send with DocuSign button will appear in ALL email at the footer of your
The button will take the documents and recipients associated with the email
and bring them into a DocuSign envelope for sending. DocuSign recognizes the
recipient routing order and carbon copies in the email and converts them
appropriately in the DocuSign envelope.
Post - Installation
DocuSign will be
available in the universal
header bar while in your
Google Domain. Clicking
DocuSign will take the
user to the DocuSign
Configure Account
When first installing
DocuSign, the administrator
will have the ability to setup a
new account or associate an
existing one.
The Administrator’s Google
domain email address is
automatically pulled from the
Account’s must be created or
associated with this email
Configuration Page
After successfully
associating an existing
account or creating a
brand new, free account,
the administrator will
have the ability to go to
their DocuSign
preferences, Upgrade, or
Return to their Google
DocuSign Preferences
Preferences is
where the user may
alter there DocuSign
Social ID Login:
allows the user to
alter there Google
Social Sign in
credentials for their
DocuSign account
Google Docs while Sending
Your Google Docs will be
available when sending an
envelope with DocuSign. The
connection will already have
been established via Single Sign
Google Contacts while Sending
Users may select the Address Book icon in the recipients section to pull in
contacts from their Google Domain while sending a DocuSign envelope.
Free Account
• Accounts created with the DocuSign for Google Applications
Integration will receive:
• 50 envelopes for the entire account.
• For example, all X amount of users will be able to send 50
envelopes cumulatively.

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