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Fleet “Town Hall”
Fleet Management Consulting Services Business Case Study
Governor’s Strategic Initiative Priority
Selected Vendor: Mercury Associates, Inc.
Contract Date: Mid-July 2013 to Mid-January 2014
Deliverable: Business Case Detailing Options and Recommendations
Revised List of Required (and Optional) Equipment Requiring DMS
Approval for Acquisition, FLEET Tracking, and Disposal by DMS
DMS Policy on the Acquisition of Motor Vehicles (and Form MP6301) –
Currently Under Revision
Online Auction Process Update
FLEET System Development Team Priorities
Business Case (F.S. 287.0571)
• Data Collection
Data from the FLEET System
WEX Card Data
Rental Car and Reimbursement for Use of Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Data from
Onsite Evaluations
Visits to Selected Shops
• Evaluation of Options
• Information on Recommended Options
• Cost-Benefit Analysis
• 6-Month Project Plan, Complete by Mid-January 2014
Next Steps To Be Determined By Governor and Legislature
Required Equipment Verses Optional Equipment
• To adopt and enforce rules and regulations for the efficient and safe use,
operation, maintenance, repair, disposal, and replacement of all state-owned
or state-leased aircraft, watercraft, and motor vehicles… (F.S. 287.16(6))
• The term “motor vehicle” as used in this section includes any automobile or
light truck. This definition also includes any airplane or other vehicle designed
primarily for transporting persons. (F.S. 287.14(2))
• The five types of equipment requiring DMS approval for acquisition*,
required to be tracked in the FLEET system, and requiring DMS approval for
Light Trucks (up to 1-ton)
Any other vehicle designed primarily for transporting persons
* In addition to other equipment on the MFMP Commodity Code List
Equipment That MUST be Tracked in FLEET
Automobiles (e.g., Coupes, Sedans, Hatchbacks, Station Wagons)
Light Trucks (e.g., Pickups, Chassis-Cabs, Vans, Sport Utility Vehicles)
All-Terrain Vehicles – Motorized and Electric (e.g., an off-highway vehicle that
travels on low-pressure tires, with a seat that is straddled by the operator, along with
handlebars for steering control)
Utility Vehicles – Motorized and Electric (e.g., Side-by-Side 2-person or 4
person four-wheel drive off-road vehicle)
Low-Speed Vehicles – Motorized and Electric (e.g., Golf Carts used to
transport people and limited cargo on typical federal, State, county, and city highways
and roads (improved and unimproved) that are posted for 35 MPH or less)
Watercraft (e.g., Boats over 12 feet in length, Airboats, Personal Watercraft)
Aircraft (e.g., Airplanes, Helicopters)
Equipment That MAY be (Optional) Tracked in FLEET
• Medium and Heavy Trucks
• Tractors (to include wheel and track types)
• Heavy Equipment (e.g., Backhoes, Crawlers, Excavators, Loaders,
• Trailers (e.g., Utility, Cargo, Lowboy, Transport)
• Forklifts - Motorized and Electric
• Other Types of Mobile Equipment (e.g., Plows, Mowers, Message
Boards, Generators, Chippers, etc.)
• Boat Trailers and Marine Engines*
* Boat Trailers and Marine Engines will not be charged a monthly FLEET system service fee since
these items are treated as accessories to their associated Watercraft (Boat or Airboat).
• Effective Date: July 1, 2013
• Replacement Eligibility Factor (REF) calculation criteria will only be provided
for the five types of required equipment.
DMS Policy on the Acquisition of Motor Vehicles & Form MP6301
(Currently Under Revision)
Streamlined procedures for the various types of acquisition (e.g., Purchase-New, PurchaseUsed, Transfer from another state agency, Donation from a non-state agency, Confiscation, etc.)
User Friendly Form MP6301
Cross references to related statutes
• Purchase of motor vehicles by state officers and employees. (F.S. 287.14)
• Purchase or lease of motor vehicles, watercraft, or aircraft; prior approval of the Department of
Management Services. (F.S. 287.15)
• Limitation on classes of motor vehicles procured. (F.S. 287.151)
• Limitation on use of motor vehicles and aircraft. (F.S. 287.17)
• Report vehicle information in (FLEET) database, define intended purpose and determine use
classification, requirement to use ethanol and biodiesel fuels when available. (F.S. 286.29)
Description of replaced equipment
• Only applies to “motor vehicles” for which replacement funds have been appropriated.
• In many cases the replaced equipment has already been disposed. Don’t hold onto a vehicle just
to have something to turn in!
More details regarding intended use
• Required by Fleet Approver to determine “best fit” of vehicle type and options
DMS Policy on the Acquisition of Motor Vehicles & Form MP6301
(Currently Under Revision)
More details if the motor vehicle is going to be assigned to an individual state officer
or employee
• To ensure compliance with F.S. 287.17 (Limitation on use of motor vehicles and aircraft) and F.S.
216.262(1)(f) (Authorized positions - Perquisites)
• List and definitions of Assigned Use codes used in FLEET
Online Auction Process Update
• Started in July 2011
• Benefits:
• More time at auction (listed for approximately 10 days)
• More Time at Auction = More Bidders = Higher Bids = 
• Less expensive than live auction process (little or no transportation expense, Online
auctioneer service fee is one percent less than live auctioneer fee)
• Online Auction = Extra Handling
Vehicle cleanup and prep
Information Form
Online ad created by DMS
Payments and titles processed by DMS
Sold: $3,358
Online Auction Process Update
• Sales Results: July 2011 to May 2013
• Total vehicles sold: 350
• Total gross sales: $1,032,017
• Transportation cost avoidance: $251,607
• Average transport cost avoidance = $720 per item
Sold: $2,200
Sold: $675
Sold: $8,275
Online Auction Process Update
Sold: $2,576
Sold: $9,225
Sold: $6,625
Sold: $875
Sold: $13,016
Sold: $21,600
FLEET Development Team Priority Tickets
• Batch Import Process
• Monthly Logs, Fuel, Maintenance
• HSMV, DOT, ACS, others
• Contact the Fleet Management Team for any
urgent or custom report requirements
• Assistance with custom formatting of frequently pulled
canned reports
DMS Fleet Management Team
Mike McClure, Bureau Chief
Ouida Rudd, Bureau Administration and Budgeting
Acquisition Section
• Al Rozar, Engineering Specialist II
FLEET System Section
• Cherie Williams, FLEET Administrator
• Kelly Stovall, FLEET Help Desk and Invoicing
Disposal Section
• Martha Balboni, Live Auctions and Vehicle Transport
• Maria Balboni, Online Auctions
Questions or Comments?
Contact Information
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (850) 488-4929

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