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Resources for People Who
Want to Analyze FIA Data
Purpose of Presentation
• Review
and provide a short
description of available tools
• Training opportunities
Three Levels of Analytical Tools
• Basic – includes online spreadsheets,
published summary tables, etc.
• Advanced – FIDO, EVALIDator, etc.
• Expert – Download FIA data, FIDO
Basic Analytical Tools
• Tables published in 5-year reports for example,
“Virginia’s Forests, 2007 “ at
• Online spreadsheets –
• Standard tables –
Advanced Analytical Tools
• FIDO –
• EVALIDator –
• Tools developed by NCASI:
• Gforest –
• COLE –
• SOLE –
Expert Analytical Tools
• FIDO –
• FIA DataMart –
Other Analytical Tools
• TPO –
• NWOS –
Spatial Analytical Tools
• Visit a regional FIA Data Center:
o Northern and National Requests: Region: Elizabeth LaPoint,
[email protected], 603-868-6775
o Interior West Region: Jock Blackard, [email protected], 801-6255393
o Pacific Northwest Region: Dale Weyermann, [email protected],
o Southern Region: Samuel Lambert, [email protected], 865-8622097
• Send your coverage area and FIA staff can
populate your request
• Formal agreement – Usually a MOU even if
no funds required
Training Opportunities,
• Review available database documents:
o The FIA Database: Database Description and Users
Manual Version 4.0 for Phase 2
o The FIA Database: Database Description and Users
Manual Version 4.0 for Phase 3
• Review available field guides:
o FIA Field Guide for Phase 2, Version 4.0
o FIA Field Methods for Phase 3 Measurements
• Use the online tools prior to the sessions
Training Opportunities
• Classroom sessions
• Webinars
• Self-guided tutorials
•Working one-on-one with experienced
FIA data analysis staff
Training Discussion and

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