Medica 2011 Presentation RScribe 5….

November 2011
Medica 2011 Presentation RScribe 5….
Key points regarding RScribe
New updated look and feel
• BEST 10
• NEW Automated Timed ECG Capture
New Full Disclosure capability
Capture and print
• NEW VERITAS 7 interpretation
WAM - Wireless patient Cable
Lead Reversal
New diagnostic tools
On screen calipers
First Impression – What’s New?......
New and improved acquisition and analysis process with updates Veritas 7 algorithm
Comprehensive acquisition and analysis of new born through adult
Automatic lead reversal detection limb leads and chest leads
Best 10 or Last 10 selection
Full Disclosure Printing up to 60 minutes
New update look and feel
New color display for 24” 1920 x 1080 resolution
Intuitive workflow for easier navigation through menu structure
Ability to customize the display
With or without full disclosure
Real time presentation with 12 x 1 or 6 x 2 format
Real time data on blue screen and acquired data on Red grid showing what will print
Acquired ECG’s 3+1, 3+3, 6x2, 12, and Cabrerra
• AND Much more……………………
The NEW RScribe 5….
Heart Rate
Patient Demographics
ECG Acquisition
Completely redesigned
with the NEW Mortara
Colors and look
Print Full Disclosure
Full Disclosure Window
Time Capture Clock
Full Disclosure Clock
Up to 60 minutes of Full Disclosure….
Real time data
presented in a 12 x 1
or 6 x 2 format
User selectable full
disclosure periods of:
• 5, 10, 20, 30, 45 or 60
FD Lead selection:
• 1 lead by 3 rows
• 1 lead by 6 rows
• 3 leads by two rows
Print Rhythm Lead
• Select Print Rhythm
and print of a single
lead of full disclosure
Up to 60 minutes of full disclosure
NEW Automated Timed ECG Capture….
Automatic timed acquisition or
user selected data
Automatic timed acquisition segment markers
Time to
NEW Automated Timed ECG Capture….
Set timed increments
as little as 20
seconds up to once
at the end of
NEW VERITAS 7 interpretation….
Interpretation with measurements
Print ECG
Algorithms: features and benefits….
• VERITAS 7 Resting Interpretation Algorithm
– Mortara Algorithm for Adult and Pediatric interpretation, from 0 days
of age through 100+ years of age
– VERITAS in its latest revision, introduces several improvements,
better P-wave detection, enhanced Pacemaker analysis
– Added STEMI message (*** ACUTE MI ***) statement
Measurement markers…..
Edit interpretation and measurements
Markers identify
where measurements
were taken from
Algorithms: features and benefits….
• BEST 10
– Acquiring an ECG on non-cooperating patients is a challenge. BEST 10
has been thought to help speed up this process. The RScribe 5
incorporates up to 60 minutes full disclosure that is used by the BEST 10
to find the best noise free 10 seconds of ECG data. Perfect for pediatric
patients, agitated patients, and geriatric patients, it helps by saving
time in the daily routine. Unique in this class of electrocardiographs!
Best 10 selection
By right clicking the
mouse on the real
time display, you can
•Best 10 or
•Last 10
Algorithms: features and benefits….
• Lead Reversal
– Lead placement is becoming a serious issue, important to the point that
it can lead to misdiagnosis: the technician may not realize the issue, the
ECG is sent to the Cardiologist and the record may be read improperly.
– In some facilities more than 5% of all acquired ECGs are affected by
lead reversal.
– v7 implements real time indication of lead reversal
• Real time detection and indication to user of possible limb lead
• Real time detection and indication to user of possible precordial
lead (sequential V leads) swap…
– Saves time and reduces error in ECG acquisition
Lead reversal?.....
Both chest
and limb lead
reversals are
detected and
presented for
the clinicians
The RScribe 5 patient cable interface….
WAM - Wireless patient Cable
• For superior versatility and ease of use,
a digital front end that guarantees less
noise and data quality
UNIQUE in the Industry!!!!
Unsurpassed 40 KHz sampling rate
Frequency response 0.05 to 300 Hz
The best in class for adults and
pediatric ECG acquisition.
• Remote control keys for easy and
fast ECG acquisition or Rhythm
• Lead Fail indication
• AM 12 available as optional
Communication: features and benefits….
• Report Manager
– The transmission or file transfer can be perfectly integrated with the Report
– With Report Manager and its import folder, the user can generate PDF files
(and other formats) automatically
Communication: features and benefits….
• Time Sync through Report Manager
– The RScribe 5 allows time synchronization: a great tool to make
sure all the cardiographs are time-synchronized with the Hospital
network. No need to manually change time at DST!
– The RScribe 5 also allows for Daylight savings time. This permits
both a start time and date, along with an end time and date.
Some more key features and benefits….
• 12-Lead Preview
– Thanks to the bright and sharp 24” LCD, allows the preview of what
will be printed
• ECG Storage in Report Manager
– Internal memory allows a complete day of work
– Available on the network
• 2D Bar Code reader with Exam Manager
– Now available for the RScribe 5

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