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My ePortfolio (PebblePad)
Student Guide
Tools used at VU for learning online (eLearning)
• MYVU Portal
One-stop login to access timetable, grades, Blackboard(WebCT),
My ePortfolio, Lecture Recordings and more
• Blackboard (WebCT)
Learning Management System
• My ePortfolio (PebblePad)
Online digital portfolio, ePortfolio System, Personal Learning Space
• RE:VU (Lectopia)
Lecture recordings
• Turnitin
Assignment submission / plagiarism checking
• Blackboard Collaborate
Virtual Classroom, virtual meeting space
MYVU Portal
MYVU Portal is your gateway to a range of Victoria University tools.
This includes eLearning tools (Blackboard/WebCT, My ePortfolio/PebblePad),
learning support (SNAPVU) accessing grades, exams and timetable
My ePortfolio (PebblePad)
What is My ePortfolio (PebblePad)?
PebblePad is VU’s ePortfolio system. You can use this to:
• Log and track skills, abilities, competencies and professional
• Create work placement journals, reflective journals, CVs and
• Reflect on the skills and knowledge you gain while undertaking
your course and/or other outside opportunities
• Share files with others
• Publish items for assessment
• Present work for accreditation or employment purposes
• Access, add thoughts and update anytime, anywhere
• Use the iPhone app for uploading photos from your iPhone and
updating your blog while on the go
How do I get access to My ePortfolio?
• As a student, you automatically gain access, regardless of the
course you are enrolled in. You can choose to use this for
personal and professional development as well as course work
• Access to My ePortfolio is via the MYVU Portal, under ‘My
• You need to log in to PebblePad (by clicking the My ePortfolio link
and launching PebblePad) at least once for your account to be
created/activated at VU.
How do I login?
• Login at with student number
(s1234567) and MYVU Portal password
• The default password for first use is Tempddmmyyyy (date
of birth), otherwise it is your AD password (ie: same as
computer login and email)
• Self-service password reset options: secret questions, SMS
password to mobile phone, send password to email
• Needs to be changed every 60 days
• Contact Student Services for password resets:
Phone 03 9919 6100 (or phone ITS on 03 9919 2777
and choose the MYVU Portal option)
Go to ASKVU website to post a question or use chat
Visit a Student Service Centre on campus
How do I login?
• Login via MYVU Portal at
go to ‘My Learning’ and select ‘My ePortfolio’
• View a brief YouTube video on how to login and access My
• If you experience login issues, contact Student Services (03
9919 6100)
• If you experience technical issues (eg: PebblePad will not
load), contact ITS Service Desk (03 9919 2777)
PebblePad is a Personal Learning Space
PebblePad (My ePortfolio) is a
Personal Learning Space, which
makes it different to a Learning
Management System such as
In PebblePad, you control your
space and can use it for course,
professional or personal purposes
All content you create is private
unless/until you share or publish it
You control what permissions
others have, whether they can
view, comment, or collaborate on
the content/asset
All your work is private by default
so it is up to you to share and
submit work in order for your
teacher or others to view it
My ePortfolio (PebblePad): Key Terms
• Asset – anything you create or
upload to PebblePad, including
blogs, files, webfolios, photos, etc.
These are saved into the asset
store. All assets are private by
• Blog – online journal
• Webfolio – an online portfolio or
website. Used to present work.
• Tag – used to categorise and
search your assets. Used instead of
folders. You can add multiple tags
to the same asset.
• Gateway – Used by some teachers
for course delivery and
assessment. You will be instructed
by your teacher if they want you to
use or publish work to a Gateway.
My ePortfolio (PebblePad): Common Asset types
File – any file you upload using ‘upload file’
Blog – Online journal. A collection of thoughts/reflections
CV - An digital resume. Anything you add to ‘About me’ can be reused in a CV. Can be
downloaded/exported, printed or emailed for sharing with others
Thought – small note. Any blog post is also saved as a thought
Webfolio – A collection of pages and assets built into a website for presentation
My ePortfolio (PebblePad)
PebblePad portfolio exemplars (examples of work created by a
range of PebblePad users including students, teachers and
How do I get further support?
Learning and Teaching Portal:
PebblePad website:
PebblePad help:
Click the ? Icon while in PebblePad to view resources, guides
and help videos
How do I get further support?
MYVU Portal password reset:
Contact Student Services
Phone 03 9919 6100 or 03 9919 2777
Visit a Student Service Centre on campus
PebblePad and computer issues:
ITS Service Desk:
Phone 03 9919 2777
Email [email protected]

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