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Reporting that seeks to empower...
Dublin, October 2014
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Reporting that seeks to
inform, influence and
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The EnAct mission
By exploring the personal impacts of energy poverty,
ENACT aims to promote shared responsibility
and collective action to solve access issues.
What will EnAct be?
Quarterly online multi-media magazine
 Each issue will cover four main themes,
Empowering women
 Each theme will be a primary focus in rotation (i.e.
once per year)
Project aims and approach
Web documentary to engage
 Raise awareness of energy poverty in developing,
emerging and industrialised economies
 Personal stories, unusual characters
 Expert interviews
Project approach
News content to inform
 Context reporting to increase understanding of why
energy poverty persists.
 Feature articles
 News briefs / fact sheets
 Editorials
 Infographics / interactive elements
Project approach
Solutions reporting to influence
 Highlight technology, policy and social solutions
that are having positive impacts and could be taken up
by others.
 Feature articles
 News briefs / fact sheets
 Editorials
 Infographics / interactive elements
Project approach
Social media to empower
 Identify for followers ways they can participate in
addressing energy poverty
 Build up networks of energy activists to address
local issues
 Encourage the “energy rich” to be more
conscientious consumers
Create a platform to package content,
helping energy stakeholders to better
inform and engage consumers .
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Engaging energy experts
Each edition of ENACT
will be developed with input from
experts who challenge the Creative Team to
explore energy from diverse perspectives.
Distribution strategy
 Extensive Social Media campaign, working with other
 For each reportage ENACT launches, propose related
content to mainstream media outlets (GEO magazine)
 Identify conferences/events at which ENACT can
launch content
Additional project outputs
 Photo exhibition, to be made available to sponsors for
hosted events
 Photo book, retail distribution and excellent for
corporate gift
 Image bank, which sponsors can draw from for their
own communication activities
EnAct Champions
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Support for EnAct
 Asian Development Bank / Energy for All
 UN Foundation / Energy Practitioners Network
 Center for Sustainable Development in Africa
 US AID / Power Africa
Advisory Committee
 Dr. Lawrence Jones, Centre for Sustainable
Development in Africa
 Dr. Jiwan Acharya, Asian Development Bank
 Dr. Harish Hande, Selco India
 Dr. Sarah Strauss, University of Wyoming
 Dr. Grayson Heffner, Deloitte
 Dennis Dimick, National Geographic
 Openings: academic, policy maker, fuel poverty,
additional reps from Europe, Africa and China, and
gender issues.
Sponsorship strategy
Ideally, for each theme, sponsorship would come
from the range of stakeholders
 energy sector players
 private sector
 government
 NGOs working in
 financial institutions
What will EnAct deliver to sponsors?
 Application of logos on
 Recognition at public
 Interactive elements
A voice
 Public commitment
 Participate in events
A chance to interact
 Ask questions to energy
 Share content with other
 Promote solutions and/or
learn about those being
applied in other places
Access to image bank
Getting EnAct off the ground
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Fuel poverty package: Fall 2015
Winter 2014/2015
 Develop editorial line-up
 Secure funding
 Shoot web documentary
Spring/summer 2015
 Produce “context” content and interactive elements
Launch October 2015
Production costs per package
Web documentary
65 000
Interactive web content
15 000
News content (features, editorials, etc.)
40 000
Planning / direction
15 000
Fundraising / administration
15 000
EUR 150 000
EUR 750 000
Seed funding for start-up activities
Introductory trailer
Concept development
Web site development
Direction / administration
Fundraising / development
50 000
50 000
15 000
60 000
50 000
200 000
Thank you!
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8 rue Pierre Girard
75019 Paris, France
© 2013 - EnAct,
the Energy Action project

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