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My Future Framework
Paul Gratrick & Elizabeth Wilkinson
Careers Service
What I want after university…
Student Barometer, 2011/12 (UGs)
• I want to make a difference to the world
• I want to be recognised for my achievements
• I study so I can get a good job
High Fliers, UoM Finalists, 2014
• Be challenged and stretched on a day-today basis
• Have genuine responsibility from day one
• Be part of a structured graduate training and
development programme
How do we do?
DLHE (2012/13, UK, UG) - Less than 8% unemployed
but …
• Around a quarter are in “negative” destinations
Unemployed or doing
work which is not classed
as suitable for a graduate
Eg. Over 200 serving in
shops, bars or cafes
Over 1000 didn’t – or
wouldn’t - tell us what
they were doing …
The University of Manchester
The tools
Worked with Prof Ivan Robertson
and Robertson Cooper to deliver
three products:
1. Competency Framework
2. Student self-assessment
questionnaire and report
3. Management information
The University of Manchester
Find out what works - critical action areas
20-40 questions, 6 areas – takes ~10 minutes
• Your experience so far
Eg. How much voluntary/work experience; started
searching for a job yet; any careers in mind
• Communicating & influencing
Eg. Practice presentations; use examples from
work/voluntary experience in interviews
• Exploration & stretch
Eg. take part in extra-curricular activities; clear focus
on employers/careers which interest me
• Broadening & building your connections
Eg. use my contacts to help my friends connect; draw
on family & friends to help my career
• Enthusiasm, drive & resilience
Eg. set personal goals for graduate employment; not
put off trying again if unsuccessful in job applications
• Recognising and reflecting on your skills
The University of Manchester
Eg. have identified my strengths; aware of skills
required for careers which interest me
The University of Manchester
My Future – Next Steps
• Generated online - immediately
• Downloadable as pdf or available to
view online in future
• Feedback on each action area:
• Priority actions – what to do next
• Urgency with which you need to
take action (red/amber/green scale)
• Further support – including link to
“Improve your employability” website
Focus groups
• Students reported taking immediate
action – acted as a trigger
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try it?
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confidential password.
NB: Staff must use surname
The University of Manchester
Available to Schools, Faculties, Careers Service
Eg. SALC students only
Not completed work
placement or internship
Have completed work
placement or internship
• How do we get students to do the
questionnaire – and do it again,
throughout their degree?
• How do we encourage and support
them to take action?
• How do we make these “critical
actions” (ie behaviours) part of
normal life for a UoM student?
The University of Manchester

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