My Math

Elementary Math
Resource Purchase
June 10, 2014
 2012-13
 Begin textbook review
 Delay until 2013-14 school year
 2013-14
Continue review of textbooks
Review textbook analysis tools
Recommend “consumable” one year option
Postpone full adoption until after 2014-15
Where we are now….
2013-14 K-5 Math Instruction aligned with Common Core
State Standards
 Based on curriculum guides developed during the 2013
 Current Everyday Math (2004)
 Engage NY, Georgia and other Race to the Top online
Why postpone full adoption?
 Limited selection of math textbooks that were
completely redesigned after the release of the CCSS
 Time required to do a full textbook evaluation using the
above mentioned tools
 Confidence of teachers in feeling fully able to assess
textbooks based on limited experience using the newly
developed Common Core Standards
Materials reviewed
 McGraw Hill – My Math (2013)
 Houghton Mifflin – Go Math (2012)
 Eureka Math (online version of Engage New York) (2014)
Collect feedback
 Differentiation
 Assessment tools (both formative and summative)
 Activities that promote student inquiry, reflection, critical
thinking, problem solving and sense-making
 Balance of skill development, conceptual understanding
and mathematics processes
 Technology integration
 Homework aligned with CCSS
 Ease of use of the program
Recommendation of
 Teacher manual clear and concise
 Differentiated resources for support and enrichment
 Supplemental resources for instruction (videos, student
 Student materials allow for content and practice
 Pre-tests and post-tests
 Parent communication tools
 Electronic textbook that is fully functional on the iPad
 Cost-effective resource for one year
Costs for My Math
Immediate Next Steps
 After board approval, teachers will be granted online
access to teacher and student materials
 Online webinars will be available for teachers
 June/July – teachers to review 2013/14 resources with
My Math for integration
 Mid-July – materials delivered to buildings
 August Institute Day – Professional Development for all
K-5 teachers
Future recommendations
 Assemble committee to continue review of math
 Collect feedback on My Math materials
 Continue to focus professional development on math
content and practices

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