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EE435 Final Project: 9-Bit SAR ADC
Curtis Mayberry, Kyle Slinger, Yuan Ji(计元)
•9 bits of resolution
•INL ± 1 LSB
•DNL ± 1 LSB
•Speed > 0.2 MSPS
•Power < 20 mW
•Area < 1 mm^2
•System Design
SAR ADC system level design
System Level Design
Charge Redistribution DAC Design
•Charge Redistribution (Q=CV and Q is conserved)
•2 cycles sampling
•Estimate bit by bit
9-bit SAR ADC
Final Schematic
9-bit SAR ADC
Switch Device Sizing
• Transmission Gate Style Switch Used for Vin Tracking
• Single Transistor Switches Used for Vdd and Vss
• Smallest switch nmos=1.5um wide by 600nm long
• Smallest switch pmos=4.5um wide by 600nm long
• Sizes increase proportionally to capacitor sizes
• 4 sizes used. Largest can drive largest capacitor full
range in 50ns.
9-bit SAR ADC
9-bit SAR ADC
Switch Testing
•Switching with the largest switch and
largest load capacitor
•Approximately 50 ns required for
maximum rise and fall time.
•This corresponds to 20 MSPS
9-bit SAR ADC
Switch Testing
9-bit SAR ADC
Switch Testing
9-bit SAR ADC
Capacitor Array
9-bit SAR ADC
9-bit SAR ADC
Comparator Performance
•DC Gain: 79.91 dB
•Resolution: 0.5 mV
•3 dB Bandwidth: 26.87 MHz
•Propagation Delay(1 LSB step): 6.5 ns
•Hysteresis Voltage: +- 1.815 mV
•Power Consumption: 2 mW
9-bit SAR ADC
Comparator Design Strategy
9-bit SAR ADC
9-bit SAR ADC
Comparator 2nd Stage
9-bit SAR ADC
Comparator Hysteresis
9-bit SAR ADC
9-bit SAR ADC
Propagation Delay(1 LSB step)
9-bit SAR ADC
Propagation Delay vs. Overdrive Amplitude
•Digital SAR Logic
HDL design
HDL simulation in Modelsim
Elaboration Results
Synthesis Results
Initial Verification Test Bench
Final Implementation
FSM Diagram
•HDL simulation Testbench Scenario 1
•HDL simulation Testbench Scenario 2
•HDL simulation Results
•Synthesized Digital Control
•Final Digital Schematic
Spectral and Static Performance
Spectral analysis, INL, and DNL
•INL, DNL, and Spectral Testing Test Bench
•Spectrum Analysis of the ADC
Signal Frequency : 312.5 KHz
Sampling Frequency: 946.745 Khz
DNL: First fifth of code
•Ran for 100us of a 543us ramp
•Decreased run time
•0.99 DNL over this range
•INL over 100us from 0 to FS code
• 6.4 LSB INL
• 11 LSB offset
INL and DNL over 543us, covering FS
INL = 15.3 LSB
DNL = 1.99 LSB
INL index: 4.692 *10^-4
DNL time: 1.122 *10^-4

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