PowerPoint Presentation - Avondale Primary School

All about Aybel
My Friends
My Best Friend
My best friend is T-J
My Favourite Rugby Team: The Blues
My Favourite Rugby Player: Jonah Lamu
My Favourite T.V Shows
My Favourite Comedy
My Favourite Pet
My Culture
• My culture is Samoan.
• My cultural foods are Keke pua’a, Ulu’au and
Fa’ausi and Baba.
• My culture has festivals and celebrations like
White Sunday and the Teulila Festival, which is
named after the red ginger flower and is
celebrated every year in Samoa. There are
dances and singing and the Teulila Festival fire
knife dancing, traditional food, tattooing
carving, Fautasi and traditional boat racing.
My Favourite Toys
My Favourite Scary Movies

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