Power Point presentation on My Journey

This is a sort preview into my course.
• Week 1 I learnt a bit of skills to do with rafting and
team building which was fun.
I would like to do this again as I like the water.
• I went to sports hall and gym we did mat
sliding before I went down ill.
• I learnt about mussels in the human body and which part of
the body they belonged to.
• I learnt how to use a map and follow map
instructions I learnt that some of the posts
was missing. I got 3 out of 10 posts.
• I did this week lots of sports like badminton
kick rounders and 5 aside football. I learnt
new rules in badminton, I also learnt how to
control kicks in rounders.
• I passed at my mini mussels exam I got 11/ 11.
• I went out to the woods to do more
navigating. It was good I liked it a lot. We got 7
out of 11 posts from navigating. I have
improved a lot.
I went to the gym and had pictures took of me using different equipment in
the gym. I also did basketball were I became the star of the week which felt
awesome. 
• I learnt a healthy diet plan and what foods are
best for healthy diets and gives more energy.
We learnt what enrichments was available for
us before signing up for a few.
Week 5
• I went into the woods and used the map with
navigation with minimum help off other class
mates. Also we had too locate some posts
missing and far away and move them to a
safer place so that its more visible to see.
• I did computer design were we had to make a
mini game using game maker it was fun and
was interesting.
• I went threw woods with Jordan and took my
spade with me and replanted some of the
posts we had to search for so that it makes it
more visible to see. (we got 6/6) 
• We did cooking which was Lucy's choice it
was good fun I enjoyed it we cooked like
pasta mix with vegetables and meat and a
nice caramel and jam and cream cake
• This week I did wood navigation exam and
got 5/5 which felt good and relieved to find
out I passed the exam.
• This week I was also votes student of the
term .
• This week I did volleyball which was fun
though did leave mark on my arm. But I did
loose a ball to the roof when it got stuck
above the fan.
• This week also I went to the gym and did 20 minutes
on cycling before going on different equipments as I
couldn’t do much weights due to my left arm hurting. I
also learnt some badminton rules which was good fun
and easy to do once learnt.
Week 8
• We went to the Vanson Centre and had a tour
of the place were we learnt there are 58 types
of chillies. We also learnt how hot each chilli
• This week I did a test on muscles and bones I
had to name each bone.
• Also this week I did beach volleyball it was
good getting more shots on target.
• This week we learnt how to control our serves
in badminton and we learnt how to smash
grab and drop shot.
• I wasn’t in much of that week as I was ill I did
show up for Thursdays lesson of badminton
were we learnt servers and shots.
• This week I had a bleep test which went well I
got 4.7 in bleep test which is very good
• This week my class had a badminton
tournament it was good fun I got 5 points in
total. I beat mike in badminton.
• This week mike brought us a pair of walking
trainers from sports direct so that we can use
them while working out in the community.
• This week I had kick boxing it was good fun
we learnt high kicks and how to block them
though to warm up first we had to do a circuit
training that existed of 10 exercises including
• This week we had to record exercises we did in
the gym were we had to write down what we
did in gym and how much reps and weight we
• Also this week we did football which was great
we had to pass ball to each other and we got a
football game out of it
• During this week me and my class mates had
to make a quiz about sports and Christmas.
Then we had to do mikes quiz that was on a
PowerPoint. Mine Lucy's and Jordan's team
won. 
• During this week we played a game were we
had to shoot a football at the bench then we
played football match were I scored a goal past
• On Friday we went bowling and to a Chinese restaurant were the foods
there was nice though I couldn’t believe my mate Jordan managed to get
threw 20 sausages I had 1 plate of dinner and 2 glasses of ice-cream.
• During this week is the first week back after
Christmas we was made to loose about 300
calories at the gym before being allowed to go
home.  it wasn't hard for me too loose 300
calories as I been exercising over Christmas. 
• During this week we prepared for our
basketball exam were I fount it good fun as I
like playing basketball I scored the final basket
for my team in the last 2 minutes of the match
to make the team win the match. It felt great
• This week we went to Bradley woods were we
had to walk 8 miles it was good fun apart
from how wet the mud was.
• this week we had to play football outside due
to sports hall double booked it was fun though
was well cold we played a game were we had
to keep our ball in a cretin area and the last
one who did this won.
• This week we had to design and use our own
workout in the gym it was good fun but
sometimes I wish I could spend 2 hours in the
• During this week me and Lucy and David had
to stand up in front of the class and do
coaching we chose basketball were we taught
dribbling and passing and shooting to our 15
minutes students.
• During this week we did boxing were we had
to learn stances and learn the jab punch. It
was good as I am kind of light on my feet and
can switch stances easy.
• This week I went to the gym were I had to
finish work from last week for my personal
workout plan. It felt good when I can run
fast and tone up.
This week we had a basket ball exam it was
good fun we did 4 laps of the sport hall doing
lots of warm ups b4 going on to practical
work. We did different bounces, dribbling
and shooting then we had 4 Minnie
basketball games.
• during this week I went to college gym to
increase my stamina to try and get better in
• During this week we played football I was
good in goal though still lack the confidence to
go for the ball.
• During this week we learnt how to block and
parry in boxing we also learnt a combination
punch. Which was good to learn.
• During this week we had to play football out
side  didn’t like it was far to cold to
consecrate on football though I suppose ill get
used to the cold.
• This week we had to finish off the healthy
poster to show healthy eating and healthy
exercises to keep people fit and healthy.
• During this week we played wheel chair
basketball it was good fun I fount it easy to
use as I used to play this when I was in school
6 years go 
• During this week I walked out of gym as I
couldn’t be in same room as someone who
accuses me of something I have not done!!
• During this week we did boxing were we
learnt hook punches and we played a few
games like dodge the glove which was
awesome 
• During this week we had our rounder’s exam
it was good fun though we got well beat by
the level 1s. I scored 1 rounder before being
caught out . I could have tried harder.
• During this week we played kickball
rounder’s and bulldog it was good fun I fount
a new way of running faster.  this was good
because I have seen improvement in my
• During this week we took pictures of the
health and safety poster we made. felt
uncomfortable in that picture as I can't be
near no one who accuses me of something I
have not done. 

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