Are You Smarter Than the Social Studies TAKS

Day 2: Name the Colony
On a sheet of paper, write 3-5 significant key
words that help you reach your answer
(Teachers please note key words may vary by
student) be sure to include your answer with
your key words.
Key Words- Lincoln, 1861-1865, South
Carolina, States’ rights, Fort Sumter
Answer- Civil War
In 1607 people from England landed on my
shores. They formed a colony at Jamestown
where Captain John Smith met Pocahontas. I
was the first colony to have African slaves
and I was the first to have a representative
government (House of Burgesses). I have a
mild climate with a long growing season. My
major cash crop was tobacco. Who am I?
I am one of the New England colonies. In
1620, both Pilgrims and Strangers sailed to
my shores. They signed an agreement called
the Mayflower Compact promising to govern
themselves for the good of the colony. The
Puritan religion is very important to most of
my citizens. Dissenters are not tolerated! I
have long, snowy winters and a short growing
season. My major economic activities include
trade, shipbuilding, and fishing. Who am I?
I am one of the Middle Colonies. I was
founded by the Dutch in 1617. I was
originally called New Netherlands. I was
taken over by the English and renamed for
the king’s brother. My citizens made their
living by growing cash crops (especially
grains) and iron manufacturing. I am a very
diverse colony with many languages and
religions. Who am I?
In 1632 a charter was granted to my founder,
Lord Baltimore, so he could form a colony in
America. I was established as a safe haven
for Catholics and passed the Act of
Toleration, which allowed religious freedom
to all Christians. My climate is very warm
with a long growing season, so most of my
citizens are farmers. My major crops include
tobacco and cotton. Who am I?
I was a southern colony first established in
1721 by James Oglethorpe. I began as a
colony for debtors (people who owed money).
I also served as a buffer between the colonies
and Spanish Florida. My winters are very mild
and my colonists raised many cash crops
including rice and indigo. My plantations
were very large and relied on slave labor.
Most of my citizens belonged to the Church
of England. Who am I?
I became a colony in 1681. William Penn
settled here with his religious group, the
Society of Friends, also known as the
Quakers. The Quakers were against slavery
and believed everyone was equal in God’s
eyes. My citizens were very diverse and
practiced many different religions. My
climate is moderate and I am part of the
region nicknamed the “breadbasket colonies.”
Who am I?
I am the smallest colony and I am located in
the New England region. I was founded by
two famous religious dissenters, Roger
Williams and Anne Hutchinson. In my colony,
all religions are welcome. Due to the cold,
snowy winters and short growing season, it is
very difficult for my citizens to farm. My
colonists supported themselves by fishing,
whaling, and trading with England. Who am
I am the region with short, mild winters and a
long growing season. I have rich, fertile soil, and
large navigable rivers used to transport goods.
My major economic activities are farming of cash
crops such as cotton, rice, tobacco, and indigo.
Most of my colonists live on small farms or large
plantations. I have the most slaves of any region.
Most of my citizens belong to the Church of
England. My colonies include Virginia, Maryland,
North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
What region am I—New England colonies, Middle
colonies, or Southern colonies?
I am the region with long, cold winters and a
short growing season. My soil is very rocky and
is not suited for large-scale farming. Due to the
climate, most of my citizens must find ways to
make a living besides farming. My major
economic activities include fishing, shipbuilding,
whaling, and trade. Many of my citizens came to
the New World for religious freedom and the
Puritan Church is very popular here. I have more
schools than other regions so my people can
learn to read the Bible. My colonies include
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut,
and Rhode Island. What region am I—New
England colonies, Middle colonies, or Southern
I am the region with moderate winters and a
moderate growing season. My soil is rich and is
well-suited for grain farming. In fact, my
nickname is the “breadbasket region” because I
grow so much corn, wheat, and oats. Major
cities located in my colonies include New York
City and Philadelphia. There are many Quakers
located in this region. I am very diverse with
settlers from many countries who speak different
languages and attend different churches. My
colonies include New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, and Delaware. What region am I—
New England colonies, Middle colonies, or
Southern colonies?

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