By: Shaquelia Mackins
Library Assistant 2nd period
Lois has also written
novels and non-fiction
books for adults,
including Who Killed
My Daughter?, the true
story of her search for
the truth behind the
brutal murder of the
youngest of her five
children, eighteenyear-old Kaitlyn.
grew up in
Lois is also
the author
of 48
of the
Lois is married to
Don Arquette
Margaret A. Edwards award
Edgar Allen Poe Award
Best Novel Award,
National League of
American Pen Women
Yes I liked the book because it was appealing
to my age group.
My favorite part was once the conflict arose.
When her boyfriend accused her of being on
the beach with another man when in fact it was
her twin.
I would tell my friend that if your bored and
have nothing to do pick up the book but if not
it would just be time consuming.
My character Laurie Stratton was a 17 year old
girl who lived in the Cliff House on the
northern tip of Brighton Island. She has two
younger siblings (Neal her brother and Megan
her sister) and was adopted although she
didn’t know at first.
Gordan is Laurie’s boyfriend
Lia was her twin sister she that she never new
Song of the circus, On the edge, I Walk At
Night, The longest hair in the world, Trapped!,
Gallows Hill, Night terrors, The magic of
spider women, Psychic connections, Who
killed my daughter, Don’t look behind you
Daughters of Eve 1979(F Dun), Down a dark
hall 1984(F Dun), Who killed my daughter
1934(364.1 Dun)
My book was about a girl named Laurie who was a
normal teenager with a boyfriend and a clique. She
had two younger siblings and her parents were
still together although they worked a lot in
separate parts of the house. Laurie’s life begun to
take a curve when Gordan (her boyfriend) and
others started seeing her doing things and being
places that she herself didn’t recall doing or being.
She started realizing that someone had her face.
After her and Lia got acquainted she was informed
that Lia was her twin sister and that she’d been
adopted. From that point on after she started doing
her research about her parents etc her life was
never the same.
Laurie, Gordan, Jeff, Natalie, Mom and dad,
Protagonist is Laurie
Antagonist is Lia
You need to know that Laurie was a average
teen before she dated Gordan and became
The conflict of the story was when Laurie
begun to realize that somebody looked like her
and her twin sister (Lia) was trying to take her
The rising action took place when Laurie got
sick and couldn’t attend the last party of the
summer before school started back.
Lia started causing chaos because others could
see her and started believing it was Laurie
doing everything. Once Laurie begun
understanding what was going on she tried to
fix it and learn more about it.
The climax was when Laurie begun finding out
the truth about her real parents and her twin
sister Lia. She begun doing research and
started accepting the facts about what had
happened and what was happening.
The falling action was when Laurie figured out
what Lia was trying to do and why she had
been haunting her. Laurie knows that Lia is
trying to kill her and take over her body. Lia
ends up falling because Laurie stops her evil
Laurie was okay and her evil twin sisters plan
of taking her soul didn’t work. Laurie lived her
life happily ever after with her family. She
didn’t regret what happened because she
learned from the whole experience. In the end
she wasn’t mad at her parents for not telling
her the truth and her siblings loved her even
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