The purpose of the NAWIC Founders’
Scholarship Foundation (NFSF) is to award
scholarships to undergraduate students
seeking careers in construction-related
fields and to students enrolled in
programs specializing in trade-related
[email protected]
Chapters can have scholarships awarded in their
name through the Foundation. Chapters that
participated last year include:
Alaska #197
Cleveland #156
Fort Worth #1
Louisville #97
Northwest Indiana #311
Milwaukee #105
[email protected]
Cincinnati #64
Colorado Springs # 356
Los Angeles #42
Montgomery #267
Portland #54
Westchester County #379
Scholarships can also be awarded by Chapters
through Memorial Funds, such as:
Greater Des Moines #80 NAWIC/CFMA Scholarship
Indianapolis #34 (Ginger Hedrick Memorial Scholarship)
Lansing #177 (Carleen E Hallman Scholarship)
Metro Denver #112 (Vona S Wagner Memorial Scholarship)
Orange County #91 (Kathryn Clay Memorial Scholarship)
Philadelphia #145 (Eleanor K Buckley Memorial Scholarship)
Santa Clara #99 (Faye Fisher Memorial Scholarship)
Spokane #143 (Loraine Nichols Trust Scholarship)
Tacoma #187 (Signe Purvis Memorial Scholarship)
Dallas #2 (Francis Louise Stephens Memorial Scholarship)
[email protected]
Applications are available through the
NAWIC website with a due date of
February 28, 2014.
Students submit the application
electronically. The Trustees, Pat McDonald,
Deb Gregoire, Judy DeWeese and Robin
Fulton-Meyer, will meet early Spring 2014
to review applications and award
[email protected]
Because the Foundation is recognized as a
509(a)(3) entity, all donations to the
Foundation may be deducted as a charitable
Additionally, NAWIC members, and children
and spouses of NAWIC members are eligible
to receive scholarships through the
Foundation, if they meet the criteria.
[email protected]
If your Chapter currently awards
scholarships, please consider allowing the
Foundation to administer them for you.
Donations to the Foundation are
welcomed and encouraged to ensure the
future of our construction industry.
If you have any questions, please contact
Robin Fulton-Meyer, Administrator, or any
of the other Trustees.
[email protected]

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