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The History, Principles, &
Business of London Fashion
Testimonials from past students
Scrapbook pages from a former
Photographs of Vanderbilt
students in London
participating in the course
THTR 216 London Maymester Testimonial
Shelby Hughes, Film Studies & Arts Management, 2013
“I attended the Theatre Department’s 2012 Fashion History Maymester in London.
As my first study abroad encounter, this trip was absolutely unforgettable. It
opened my eyes to other ways of life and cultures in the world. This journey was a
catalyst for me, inspiring me to continue to seek out study abroad experiences.
England was fantastic, and a wonderful place to explore the inner workings of the
fashion industry, a scene I’d always been curious about. Moreover, it was the
perfect opportunity to dig into some of its roots. London is a really safe place to
study, and just magical all around. There was always so much to see and do. From
adventures on the tube, travelling the beautiful countryside, eating fish and chips
and gelato to our hearts’ content, experiencing living in an English flat and bonding
with fellow Vanderbilt students, and immersing ourselves in the thriving and
sophisticated art and theatre sphere of London, to witnessing the country’s rich
history I’d always been fascinated with come to life, my study abroad experience in
England really resonated with me. It allowed me to grow as a person, and I feel like
the insights it presented me with made me a better-rounded student and artist
I would highly encourage anyone considering this trip to go for it! You will find that
it is no doubt a worthwhile adventure to embark on and a gateway to broadening
your horizons for years to come. “
THTR 216 London Maymester Testimonial
Alexandria Chanel Baker
"Traveling to London, a city rich in history, really
enriched my understanding of the arts' important
place in the development of today's modern
societies. Fashion and architecture have been used
as mediums through which people within a distinct
culture have shared their values and beliefs with
other cultures. My time spent in London was
nothing short of amazing and has widened the once
limited lens I use to view the world."
THTR 216 London Maymester Testimonial
Emily Stein
“During the London Fashion Maymester I greatly enjoyed visiting
Sabina's design studio. Through this experience I learned a significant
amount about the work and craftsmanship that goes into creating a
custom-designed article of clothing. Sabina's dedication, creativity, and
innovation was enthralling. Furthermore, it was inspiring to have the
opportunity to meet her in a small group environment and ask her
questions about her work and the design process. I also found it
exciting to design and sketch my own dress concept while gaining
direct feedback from a renowned wedding dress designer.
Overall, the Fashion Maymester in London was a class that I will never
forget; through opportunities to explore the enchanting city and delve
into a unique subject area in a city renowned for it meticulous fashion
community, I truly began to appreciate a new culture.”
THTR 216 London Maymester Testimonial
Reema Shihadeh
“The highlight of my experience on the History of Fashion
London Maymester was getting to visit the various museums
and sights throughout London. Specifically, getting a chance to
see the ballgown exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum
and the Christian Louboutin shoe exhibit was really fun. I
learned that from simply looking at the clothing in a piece of
artwork you tell the time period it is from and what the
societal or cultural norms might have been at that time, which
I had never thought about before. This was also relevant to
the many musicals and plays we were able to attend, which
were amazing! Through all of the various places we went I was
able to see how fashion is part of everything and anything. “
THTR 216 London Maymester Testimonial
Audrey Jackson
“Studying Fashion History in London is a wonderful
opportunity to immerse oneself into the topic. Due
to London's rich history and preservation, there are
many opportunities to observe past fashions in
manners as diverse as museum exhibitions and
castles with historically dressed actors. In addition
to the history of London's fashion, you are able to
experience how that history has created the rich
culture and fashions seen in London today. What
better way to experience a beautiful city than to
study one of the most beautiful aspects: fashion?”
THTR 216 London Maymester Testimonial
Demetria Kimble
• "Traveling abroad to London in itself was an amazing
journey, but the London Fashion Maymester enhanced this
times ten! With trips to British museums, theatrical
productions, and other historic sites on the syllabus, I was
really able to be immersed in the history of British fashion
and art. I gained an understanding and awareness that
could NEVER be captured in a book. Fashion's huge
importance to society is truly exposed in this class. Before
this trip, I never really grasped how important fashion is to
more than just a girl's daily wear and making sure colors
and patterns match for the day. Instead, it speaks a ton
about a time period, about people's views, political,
societal, etc. It truly is an outward display of a person's
innermost sentiments. For this lesson alone, I thank you.”
Pages from a THTR 216 student
London scrapbook, 2013
A map with the student residence buildings, mid- to late-nineteenth century
converted townhouses in the beautiful and conveniently located Kensington
area, provided by FIE, a London-based non-profit educational organization
Sabina Motasem
You will experience working with a
custom wedding dress designer who
trained at the famous school of
fashion design, Central Saint Martins.
We will see first hand how she creates
and manufactures her one-of-a-kind,
high-quality pieces
Sabina Ali, the founder of Sabina
Motasem, spent several years on the
high street in design and production
and in media/marketing as a graphic
designer before designing cocktail
dresses. In 2005 she designed a friend
a simple and elegant wedding dress as
a gift. Several gifts later, orders quickly
followed and the idea for Sabina
Motasem was born.
Sabina Motasem
Her designer wedding
dresses, inspired by a bygone
age, are created using the
finest silks, and a superior
innovative cut, all to garner
the best quality. The glamour
and sophistication of old and
new Hollywood shines
through with her vintage
style wedding dresses.
Stunning geometry and
simplicity combined with
simple shapes.
A Vanderbilt student dress design turned into a
technical flat, ready for production!, at the
workshop of Sabina Motasem
The Making of Harry Potter
An amazing exhibit of the sets, costumes, props, and even some
of the animals used in the films
Ticket stubs from theatre shows and
various tours
Ticket stubs from theatre shows and
various tours
A Tube map for getting around London
West End Theatre productions including Wicked
Pictures of students from past years
Costumes on exhibit at
The Making of Harry Potter
Taking trains to Hampton Court
Bath, Royal Crescent
Students crossing Millennium Bridge linking the City of London at St.
Paul's Cathedral with the Tate Modern Gallery at Bankside
Day Trip to Hampton Court
Afternoon tea at the Fan Museum
Vanderbilt students at play in the lobby of the Victoria
and Albert Museum
View of Tower Bridge from the Design Museum,
Riding trains!

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