Leyland Test Track

Leyland Test Track
Draft Development Brief
September 2009
► Test Track covers 54ha
► Allocated for Mixed Use development Policy
EMP6 of the Local Plan
► Site not been used for some time
► Vacant buildings on the site
► Now overgrown and has problems with
antisocial behaviour from youths
Photos of the Site
Photos of the Site
Photos of the Site
Photos of the Site
Draft Development Brief
►intended to provide a comprehensive
framework for future redevelopment
►provides guidance to prospective
developers, and assists in the
determination of any planning
►Sets out guidelines to provide a high
quality development on the Test
Track site
Draft Development Brief –
Main Aims
• Identify the main physical constraints that are likely
to affect future development;
• Identify the appropriate boundaries for future
• Establish the approximate capacity of residential
units (type and tenure) that will be appropriate on the
• Confirm the approximate amount of land that will be
developed for employment;
• Set down the requirement for a high level of design
and quality of development that will be required on
the site
• Identify a general highway layout and access
arrangements; and
• Identify the provision needed for community facilities
including schools, local shopping and entertainment,
services, open space and play areas.
Draft Development Brief Masterplan
► 8 week consultation ends on 11th
► 1200 residences/businesses within 500m of
site consulted
► Featured in local press
► Approx 130 responses to date
► All responses received will be assessed
with a view to amending the Brief
► Brief will be presented to Planning
Committee for approval for development
control purposes.
Summary of Responses
Received So Far
► Most people are in favour of the site being
redeveloped in some way
► Access and traffic issues
► Provision of more leisure facilities
► More employment and less houses
► Affordable housing issues
► Concern about open space
• .
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