The Gri Gri Tree from the Color of My Words

Lucy ______ out into the storm
to look for her dog.
a) focused
b) inquire
c) ventured
d) emerged
ventured – verb – went
despite risk or danger
I will _______ at the diner about
getting a job as a waitress.
a) attraction
b) focused
c) ventured
d) inquire
inquire – verb – to ask
questions or seek
After the giant wave knocked over
Petro, he _____ from the water with
a piece of seaweed in his mouth.
a) ventured
b) inquire
c) emerged
d) discussions
emerged – verb – came
into view
There were many _______ among the
voters about the elections.
a) discussions
c) sprawled
d) attraction
discussions –plural noun
– acts of talking
about something or
The teacher was being ________
when he punished the whole class for
the bad behavior of one student.
a) inquire
b) emerged
c) discussions
d) unreasonable
unreasonable – adjective –
not showing or using
good sense or
My brother was so tired from swimming
that he _______ out on the blanket and
let no room for anyone else.
a) emerged
b) discussions
c) unreasonable
d) sprawled
sprawled – verb –
lay or sat with
the body
stretched out in
an awkward or
careless manner
The new baby elephant was an ______
that drew a lot of people at the zoo.
b) sprawled
c) attraction
d) focused
attraction – noun – a
person or thing that
draws attention
The basketball player was so ______
on scoring that he didn’t here the fans
a) sprawled
b) attraction
c) focused
d) ventured
focused – verb –
concentrated or
directed attention
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