long term

How to Make the Best
Choice when Buying a
By: Amy Chavatel
What is the problem?
O I am single and I just got a new job. I have
salary of 26,000. I need to buy a reliable
car that will get me back and forth to work.
Who is affected by this
O I am affected
O My job is affected
O My dogs are affected
How should I go about solving
this problem?
O First, I need to find a price range for my car
that will fit into my budget. I calculated that
a price between $15,600-$22,600 would fit
into that range.
What factors will influence my
decision about this problem?
O Gas is very expensive. I want a car that
gets good miles per gallon (mpg).
I don’t have extra money to fix an older,
cheaper, used car.
I have other expenses and don’t want to buy
a car that would go over my budget.
I can only drive an automatic transmission
I want a car big enough for dogs.
Where can I seek reliable
O I can get information from my parents.
O I can go on the internet at
www.autoweb.com and get reliable
information about different cars.
O I can visit or call different dealers and get
brochures and pamphlets describing
different cars.
What is reliable information?
O Reliable information is information that is
true or can be backed up by data.
What information do I need to
provide good reasons for the
choice I select?
O I need a automatic transmission.
O I need a sticker price in my price range.
O I want a new car that has a warranty.
O I need a car with a good fuel economy and
gas mileage.
O Also I would like to have a car with a very
good safety rating for me and my dogs.
What choices do I have in
solving this problem?
A new Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 sold at CarMax for $52,500 - very
A new Subaru Forester 2.5x sold at Subaru of Richmond for $22,420- can fit
in my budget
Cite that the pic can from on the title page.
A used Nissan Versa sold at CarMax for 11,998- very cheap, could have
problems to fix over the years
What choices can I create that
will be best for myself and
O The two choice that I can create is the Subaru Forester and the
Nissan Versa.
O The Subaru Forester has a 5 star crash test rating. It also has a
hatch-back for my dogs. It has a back seat that folds down to the
floor and I can put it up if friends or family need ride along. It has
a great gas mileage and fuel economy. It is all wheel drive and is
great for snow. Also it is affordable.
O The Nissan Versa has a 5 star crash test rating. It is very
affordable. It has a lot of room but not as much the Subaru.
What are the short and the
long term consequences of
each choice?
O Subaru Forester 2.5x- short term-larger down
payment long term- larger monthly payments
O Nissan Versa- short term- smaller and less room
long term- unexpected repair costs due to 30
day warranty
What is my choice?
O My choice is a new Subaru Forester 2.5x
Is this choice best for me and
for others?
O This choice is best for me and my dogs. It
falls within my budget. I can afford the
payments over 60 months. I do not need to
borrow money from my parents for the downpayment. It is a safe reliable car that has
good gas mileage and has a 3 year
comprehensive warranty.
How would this decision affect
the people I care about?
O This decision would relieve the worries of
my parents knowing that I have a safe
affordable car that wouldn’t leave me
stranded on the side of the road or deeply in
What if everyone made the
same decision for this
O Everyone has different jobs and salaries.
Some are single like me and others have
husbands and children. They have
different budgets and expenses. If
everyone chose to buy a Subaru Forester
2.5x, they could go over their budget and
spend too much or the car might not fit
their family’s needs.
Reflection questions?
Which car did you choose and
why ?
O I chose an automatic Subaru Forester 2.5x from
Subaru of Richmond. I chose this car because it fits
within my budget. It has good gas mileage and has a
five star crash test rating. It is all wheel drive and will
get me to work in snowy weather. It has a 3 year
warranty so I won’t have major repair costs for a
while. It is a midsize car that is great to carry dogs.
Before this activity, how much
did you think it would cost to
own a car?
O I thought that a car would cost around
What were some of the costs
you hadn’t previously
considered as part of a car
O I learned that there are maintenance costs like
oil changes, tires, tune ups, insurance and
taxes that I hadn’t considered when owning a
car. Gas is the major expense.

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