Powerpoint Assignment

By Kaseem Cheek
The Audi r8 is equipped with a powerful v8
Car goes for 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds flat
 Drives ¼ of a mile in about 12 seconds
 Top speed is electronically limited at 187mph
The r8 is built for speed with its aerodynamic
The Audi r8 is only 3,605 lbs pushing the cars limits
Audi has been my favorite brand of cars since I
could first remember seeing it’s symbol. The
circles seem to remind me of the Olympics. The
Olympics come around only every four years
so therefore I hold this car in a higher regard.
The top speed of the r8 is 187mph but its limits
can be pushed further that is why I love the
Audi r8 and it is my dream car.

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