Sixth Grade Registration - Cypress Grove Intermediate School

6th grade Elective Selection
Sixth Grade Classes
Advanced Courses
Due Dates
Sixth Grade Classes
Every student will take the following classes:
1. ELA
2. Math
3. Science
4. Social Studies
5. PE
6. Elective
7. Advisory
Sixth Grade PE
Sixth graders dress out in PE.
All sixth graders will need to purchase a
PE uniform.
Order forms will come out later in the
Music/Art/Theater Rotation (12 weeks)
Office/Library Aide (12 weeks)
Applied Aide (12 weeks)
Band (yearlong commitment)
Choir (yearlong commitment)
Adv. Orchestra -must have been in Beg. Orch.
AVID – application and interview required
Advanced Courses
Advanced ELA and Advanced Math are offered in 6th
You are selected for advanced courses based on
Once you are in an advanced course you remain, as
long as you have a 74 avg.
The selection process will take place after STAAR
scores are received.
You will be notified in writing if you have qualified for
an advanced course.
Credit by Exams
If you want to skip a year of math, you
have to sign up to take a CBE in the
You have to score an 80 or above on
the test in order to be placed in the
Algebra I is not offered here. You have
to go to CSMS for this class.
Elective Selection
We will select your elective on the
computer this year.
Your Advisory class will go to the lab
during seventh period and choose your
Since you won’t be taking home a form
this year, it is very important to discuss
your choice with your parents.
Elective Selection Form
Due Dates
All students will have the opportunity to
select their elective by March 27th.
If you change your mind after March
27th, your parent needs to email Mrs.
The last day to make a change is May

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